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  1. It might be an idea to read this thread and you'll be able to solve the problem...
  2. They always have someone monitoring the forum, usually James Allsworth.
  3. You've been advised the problem is probably with your bank, so why not contact your bank instead of bringing this to the forum?
  4. Only one sale so far this month which came on the first day, but I always get a surge in the last handful of days of the month so I'm not worried - yet!
  5. Perhaps emailing Alamy might be a better idea than putting it on the forum...
  6. My port just passed 5000 pics this morning, at the turn of the year it was at 3,500. 🥳😀 Not a massive increase for some of the big guns here, but it’s enormous for me, helped no end by C19. 6,000 by the end of the year? 😁
  7. It’s funny you should say that. I recently emailed Alamy to follow up on some unpaid sales from last year. I received a reply from Alamy within a couple of days and was paid the outstanding amounts in the next payment run... Alamy is a good egg!
  8. Ha, don't apologise, I could look at that all day! Thanks for the spot. 👍
  9. Help yourself! Add me on FB and PM me with any questions, although there's far better photographers on here than me!
  10. It's brill, still in shock! Yeah, grim and frustrating describes press photography very well!
  11. My first NYT usage - chuffed to bits. Thanks Alamy! 2C6ET8A AG News Cork, Ireland. 9th July, 2020. A number of cafés and restaurants in Cork city have implemented 'al fresco' eating on reopening after easing of some Covid-19 restrictions. Cafés are limiting indoor seating and taking customers names and phone numbers for the purposes of contact tracing. Credit: AG News/Alamy Live News https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/14/world/europe/Ireland-americans-break-quarantine.html?searchResultPosition=1
  12. Removing photos, why? If you’ve lost interest you could just leave your port as it is, giving you the chance to make sales down the line. Removing photos is a bit dramatic and quite ridiculous.
  13. I agree, $2.99 sales are demoralising after all the work one puts in, BUT, they're still sales. I think dwindling sales, uncleared sales and unreported sales drives everyone mad!
  14. Who cares? When one is self-employed, every single penny counts...
  15. That's a beautiful picture, I always admire it when I see it.
  16. You are not owed $173. Your sales are $173, Alamy has to take its commission out before you get paid. Additionally, your cleared balance has to be $50 or more for you to receive a payment. Can someone please explain this in the OP's language?!
  17. You're right, we don't understand you. What do you mean, what needs to be reset? You'll get paid when your balance reaches $50 COMMISSION, not SALES. Remember - Alamy takes its commission out of your balance of $173 before you get paid. You won't get paid until the buyer has paid Alamy.
  18. I also fry it, but in basic cooking oil. No syrup here, I just eat it how it comes.
  19. My CTR is always below the average - it currently stands at .5, but I'm making the sales so I'm not too bothered.
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