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  1. I received a 'other income' notification today for low $$. Is that TV or DACS? Not received anything DACS yet. Sometimes life is just arsewiping bad.
  2. I'm not a troll, don't go there. I'll let you have the last word, as no doubt you'll have something clever to say. I'm off to take some pics...
  3. Keith's tragic death has certainly changed the way I'll shoot extreme weather in the future. πŸ˜“
  4. Sat here in shock - Keith Morris gone? It’s unbelievable. 😒
  5. I'll just answer a few questions, I'm sure other forumites will answer more. I've never used, and never will, use a keyword generator. A human is better than a computer. Yes, some buyers search very vaguely, some are more specific. If your image for that search isn't on the first 2 or 3 pages, well, it probably won't get seen by the buyer for that search. Don't bother trying to reach 50 keywords for each pic, totally unnecessary. However, 10 supertags are important, as is filling in the Optional page. Your Road Trip band pics will probably turn up in searches for an actual road trip, road repairs, a road disappearing into the distance, someone tripping over, etc. It's what happens, unfortunately.
  6. Yep. Looking at the first page of your port shows you have far too many similars. One pic of pumpkins would suffice as all three look pretty much the same. Additionally, the pics are very flat with colours which don't 'pop'. The singing dancers is the same - too many pics, as are the band, stars and stripes and football match. No wonder you have such a big port in such a small amount of time! Cull, cull, cull!
  7. Photographed this on a whim yesterday. Result! https://www.thesun.ie/news/4560941/ireland-beef-protests-restaurant-warning/
  8. My three My dog, Archie 2019 Birmingham Paddy's Day Parade Knife Angel at Coventry Cathedral
  9. A bunch of Alamy moon pics here: https://www.thesun.ie/tech/science/4547318/rare-full-micro-moon-seen-across-the-uk-as-it-falls-on-friday-the-13th-for-first-time-in-13-years/
  10. Jeez, take no notice of the drivel PetaPixel churns out! πŸ˜‚
  11. I've some tattoo/people being tattooed pics on my port which have been there a year and not one has been even looked at or sold...
  12. Happens most months. I'd rather get the sales earlier in the month but, alas, it doesn't happen like that.
  13. Well done! I was 400 pics before I made my first sale. Hopefully it'll be the first of many for you.
  14. Possibly the quickest sale I've had at the beginning of the month - 1/4 $$ Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 02 September 2019 End: 02 September 2024 Editorial - websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years
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