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  1. Thanks for including mine in the finalists - I didn't vote for myself.
  2. 11 sales for $1,104 - best month this year in terms of revenue, but number of sales down. I'm certainly not complaining; for the size of my port, I'm chuffed to bits with the sales and revenue. Looking forward to August to see what it brings!
  3. One of 8 sales which dropped in this morning - editorial and print, 1/2 page inside for $$$
  4. More positivity from across the Irish Sea. Up until yesterday, for July, I had 3 sales for $352 gross. I've looked this morning and I'm now on 11 sales for $1,104 gross for the month, to include six $$$ sales! The good prices are still around.
  5. Where's that?! Never seen it before
  6. I'm loving the positivity about your ages. I'm 52 and consider myself to be in my twilight years...
  7. I still am absolutely furious at the 40%. Believe me, I spent weeks looking at other agencies, I've taken advice from news and stock photographers about other agencies - I've done a lot of research and have concluded staying exclusive with Alamy is best for me. I'll keep adding images, because photography is my job, that's what I do! There's a big protest planned today somewhere in Ireland that will go national and I'm the only photographer who knows about it so I'll be adding more live news pics. I personally think not adding more pics is folly.
  8. I'm Alamy exclusive and will stay that way. I looked into other agencies but the prices they were getting and the commission level was an absolute joke. In terms of prices, of the 3 sales I've had so far this month, 2 are $$$ and 1 is a good $$ and only 1 is a live news sale...
  9. Thanks Andy, it was a boring 2 hours, followed by a mad 10 minutes. Great pay day!
  10. Very nice $$$ usage with more to come from that day! Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 2 million Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/2 page Start: 01 June 2019 End: 02 June 2019 One use in a single editorial article used within the print and digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Any placement in paper and online
  11. Edo, I think we all want updates - we all want to know when you've found somewhere. 👍
  12. Beef Plan Movement protest in Dublin. Pic sold once - so far! I arranged this pic with some classical musicians who were swimming earlier in the day. Pic sold a couple of times to local papers. Nothing special but it made the front page of the local paper so I love it lol!
  13. The Times Online 16th July Ireland M0KR4M Andy Gibson 😁 Crookhaven, a picturesque village popular with tourists in West Cork, Ireland.
  14. Don't worry, I'm as discreet as the next man!
  15. I'm opted out of NU and PU. I've had $$$ prices regularly month on month, so the good fees are still there. Keep the faith, my friend! 😁
  16. As a pro, I shoot whatever pays money so I can put food on the table, fuel in the car and keep herself happy, whether it bores me senseless or not. That's the reality.
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