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  1. I've just looked at the 3 pics and if they were mine, there's no way on this planet I'd take them down/edit out the name and resubmit/etc. Fight this 'til the end because if those pics are taken down, editorial photography as we know it will be gone... In my opinion, of course.
  2. Tell the company to sod off! Do some research and you'll find cases like this which went to court where the photographer won. Stand your ground and don't be bullied!
  3. Do news and it's more like a 30 second edit... As for keywording - I really don't want to talk about it because I hate it! 🀒
  4. I thought that, but I just keep on uploading and the port just keeps increasing in size. At the beginning of this year I had approx. 3,500 pics, I'll easily get to 6,000 by 31st Dec, hopefully more. You'd be surprised how quickly the total number of pics goes up.
  5. I have 5 stars - I've only had one QC fail since I started with Alamy.
  6. This morning's sale has taken my revenue past the whole of last year's, so I'm feeling very positive for the future. Onwards! 😁
  7. No D8xx series here - MP's far too high. My daily gear is a recently bought used D4s with 24-70 and a D700 with a 70-200 - I recently retired my D3, but I still have it as a back up. I'm also using my Sony RX 100 MK 3 more often these days as I look more like a tourist with it than a press tog.
  8. It's stupid comments and views like this that are exacerbating the problem. Cases of C19 are on the rise and will keep rising as long as people think in this moronic way. 😑
  9. Congrats, hopefully it's the first of many!
  10. First of the month for me - Newspaper sale at high $$ with a weird bit at the end: Inside & Online and in-context promotion, In-Context Digital, Online and Social Media rights included in perpetuity
  11. Thanks. I’ve taken full advantage of C19 and photographed everything from face mask wearers to COVID test centres to Garda check points. I’ve worked really hard, shooting almost every day from before dawn to after dusk. I’ve done very well with Irish nationals and Cork based papers too. News is where it’s at, seemingly...
  12. Approx. 90% Live News. I don't sell much stock, but then I don't upload much stock any more. I'll do some stock pics if I can't be bothered to go looking for news stories, but that's quite rare.
  13. I'll save everyone some money - people doing things - that's all you need to know. A lot of information for free - don't make me laugh 🀣
  14. That'll be because this idiot deleted the pic as I wasn't happy with it. I'm such a plonker. Thanks for the spot, Bryan!
  15. Seeing as I'm up at Stupid 'O' Clock for a sunrise which never happened, I'll start this off. July was OK, but not as good as June. I managed 28 sales for $1,036 Gross. Of those, 3 were good $$$ and 4 were high $$. Onwards!
  16. Four years is NOT a short time span! A refund like this is not a mistake!
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