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  1. That's amazing - you've been here 2 years less than me but have a lot more images, sales and sales value than me - well done!
  2. A Live News sale, one of 10 sales which dropped in today for high $$
  3. One sale appeared this morning for €119 - but that's not the positive bit. I've matched the sales I did for the whole of last year. With 4 months of the year left, I'm excited!
  4. I still actively go out looking for pictures, but then photography is my full time job. I spend €60 per week on diesel and am averaging 1000km in the week, that includes personal trips too. I mainly shoot news and submit to Alamy, my county rag and 2 Cork based papers, one of which is a national. I'm actually making a decent living from photography - I do news, commercial, events (have an event printer) and I teach. Obviously everything could be a little better, but I'm never happy lol.
  5. I was a bit miffed when I received this email because I make sure my captions and headlines adhere to the guidelines.
  6. Talking of which, I received this yesterday: Dear Andy, The Live News team are constantly striving to get your pictures to our clients as quickly as possible. To ensure this happens and give your images the best possible chance of a sale, here are a few key things you need to do: Only send your best pictures and make sure you are sending only one frame of each angle of your subject/event. (NO duplicates!) Make a tight edit - limit the numbers of images you send to 20 and try to make sure your best pictures are in that first set you send. (Note - Sports, red carpet, and dramatic breaking news are exceptions to this tight edit request.) DO NOT put the date in the headline. Always make sure the location is in the headline. Please don't exceed the 600-character limit for the caption. Captions must be in this format (in line with International media preferences): City or Village or Town where picture was shot, Country where picture was shot. Date the picture was shot - Please spell out the month, we ping to the US and they require this. Who is in the picture - left to right. What is going on in the picture including any interesting facts. Credit: Your Credit/Alamy Live News For example - Cuckmere Haven, UK. 15 August, 2019. Artist Keith Pettit places the first a series of steam-bent chestnut spheres on the beach at Cuckmere Haven in East Sussex. Made in collaboration with trug maker Charlie Groves, the complex shapes are inspired by the skeletal remains of ancient coccoliths - the calcium carbonate remains that make up the chalk of the South Downs. The exhibition ‘What Lies Beneath’ will be at the iconic coastguard cottages overlooking the Seven Sisters cliffs (pictured). Credit: Jim Holden/Alamy Live News. If you have any questions, please email news@alamy.com Kind regards, Jessica, Neil, Amy and the rest of the Live News Team
  7. Thanks for the spot - I think that's the 15th time that image has sold altogether (not just to the Times).
  8. This is a fave in August simply because it made the front page of the county rag. Not the best fireworks pic ever, but I like it.
  9. Now you've got me thinking - Giraffes in Guildford? Tigers in Taunton? Snakes in Skegness? Etc...
  10. Thanks - the beard in question is magnificent in real life! I photographed him skateboarding when he was a little kid - he's certainly grown up!
  11. Weather pics are genuine live news - even Alamy itself advises shooting weather as those types of photos are always in demand.
  12. Just been scrolling through the Live News feed and saw punnets of strawberries with price tags. HOW IS THAT LIVE NEWS?!!!!!!!! 😲
  13. If that sheep has tags in her ears, then yes, it's property
  14. My three Storm in Bantry. Ex-Hurricane Ophelia Storm Deirdre
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