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  1. Yep. The amount of people I see walking around with their mask on their chin and they just don't realise. Another classic is wearing the mask under the nose. 🤣
  2. Great blog, Edo. Beware of putting your facemask on your chin - the virus could be sitting there so when you put the mask over your mouth...
  3. I received this as well: ASCRL payment 2020 for a mind boggling $3.62...
  4. The surge continues. Editorial for mid $$ Edit: Why, when I drag and drop an image, does the code never appear on the pic? Does my head in.
  5. Yep - news is the reason for my success and there's a lot more than 20 pages of news. Be aware, news is stressful, a gamble and involves a lot of travelling, BUT the rewards are well worth it. If you've any questions just ask, although there are far better press photographers than me on Alamy.
  6. You have to keep uploading pics, that's crucial. I've had a look at some of your pics and there's not many of 'people doing things'. You've probably read this ad nauseum - before you take the picture, ask yourself what could this image be used for. The first two pages of your port consist mainly of badly taken photos of cars. Then you have a bunch of pics on a beach which I don't know what they could be used for, etc, etc. Just think about what you're taking before you take the pic. more people = more sales. Good luck.
  7. No. Every single one of my pics is RM and I'm making a bunch of sales every month.
  8. The end of month surge happened with 29 dropping in this morning. This is the best of the lot at low $$$ on the Irish Sun website
  9. There's nothing normal in Ireland at the moment - just look for #golfgate on Twitter and all will become apparent! My GF did an OK job cutting my hair when the barbers were closed, but there's nothing like getting it done professionally.
  10. Today I had a coffee and scone date with my GF, got my hair cut and bought a sports jacket and a pair of jeans. Today is a good day!
  11. It’s the same for everyone, you just have to be patient I’m afraid.
  12. I shot 2 news stories yesterday which are now, essentially, old news and therefore consigned to the bin. A storm is expected to appear in Ireland today so if the site still isn’t fully functional that’s a huge story gone. This is not acceptable! Come on Alamy, sort it out - quickly!
  13. Is that 2CAD8YJ? Don't have access myself but the pic was zoomed...
  14. Thanks Wim, I'm pleased with it.
  15. Taken yesterday, used online yesterday here
  16. I just saved €14 at Lidl using its new app. Win!
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