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  1. I'm exclusive to Alamy, but I don't class myself as a good performer, apart from in June, etc... 🤣
  2. Best month ever for me with 44 for $1,653 gross ($826 net). There were 7 good $$$ sales and 16 at a solid $$. The rest were $ tiddlers. Needless to say, I'm rrrrrrather enthused. Onwards!
  3. You have to accept what has happened, simple as that. No point fighting with the hand that feeds you...
  4. Aren't keywords and captions part of the port? 🤔
  5. I actually don't trawl through the forum looking for your posts to disagree with them, I've so much more important things to be doing. However, when I see some of your posts I feel I have to comment. Of course editing is a fundamental part of producing pics for Alamy, but to criticise pics when they're not under-exposed, flat, etc, is a step too far, IMO. For all you know, that might be the contributor's style, how he/she like to produce pics. Commenting on captions and keywords/tags is fair game, but anything else, IMO, isn't.
  6. That's irrelevant. As is that. I never look at the histogram - there isn't a right or wrong histogram. I don't think the OP wanted a lesson on how to take pictures...
  7. I disagree. I like the empty arch in the middle of the pic. Just remember, Gnans, people's opinion vary greatly on pictures - what one person dislikes, another person likes. I have noticed, apart from the wonky horizons, you include a lot of dead space in your pics. You might want to look at that. Well done - keep going!
  8. All my pics are RM and I never check the editorial box. I leave that side of things to Alamy.
  9. I maintain if the mask isn’t covering the nose it’s not achieving anything? I wore a medical mask at a protest I was covering a couple of weeks ago. Not only did it keep slipping down, it decided to break after about 20 minutes. Useless things.
  10. In Cork and County Cork, people wear face masks which only cover their mouths, not their noses...
  11. It's a fabulous place to live and surprisingly full of picture opportunities. Get yourself over and we'll have a meet up!
  12. Used in today's local rag, but no use through Alamy yet. Worth the trek up those stairs! Bantry House and Gardens Used in two local papers, but no Alamy use yet - Schull Harbour I like the sky in this one - Schull Harbour
  13. I had a huge surge the other day going from 2 sales to 43 for the month. Nothing since, though... 😥
  14. Yeah, I know. Thought it would be quicker to ask on here, and it was.
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