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  1. Ocean Endeavour moored in Bantry, West Cork.
  2. I've done Galway to Sligo by coach, it's a fine journey. Glad you're moving to Galway, it's so much prettier than Sligo and has a great beach in Salthill.
  3. A bunch of my pics are on there, too. Alamy really needs to respond to this thread...
  4. You realise one of your first tasks in Ireland is to meet up with me for a coffee?! Distance no object to meet the great Edo!
  5. $$$$ = $1,000 - $9,999.99 $$$$$ = $10, 000 - $99,999.99 I wish lol
  6. I think this must be my fastest ever sale in a month - it's only the 4th and it's for $$$! Strange bit at the end of the sale details... Country: United States Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 March 2019 End: 02 March 2019 Rights include 1 week on home/subsidiary pages on editorial website in a single article & archived rights in perpetuity (image may be used multiple times on the website providing it is used within the same context/article)
  7. I was in Sligo a few times and I didn't like it - just saying. Would you not try Cork city? Oodles of stock possibilities, second largest city in Ireland and good public transport.
  8. Purely because this pic has sold and sold and sold. 🤑 Ian Bailey convicted in absentia of the murder of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier in 1996 (He didn't do it)
  9. Ignore it, don't take any notice of those type of lies. As SC says, if you were shooting from a public street, you've done no wrong.
  10. Good number of sales at 13 but revenue was crap at $352 gross. Highest sales were 3 at just under $$$, lowest was a handful at $4.91gross. Things need to improve this month!
  11. Yep - go for it, although get some great shots as today was really the day, unless you come up with something akin to Lord Lucan riding Shergar out of a UFO.
  12. Thanks Andy, I'm rather pleased with myself! I was with Dan Linehan from the Examiner and we were just leaving when Dan spotted him - thank goodness he did!
  13. Haha, Mr Bailey once asked me to photograph him - he loves the limelight! To be fair, he let me shoot him for around 15 minutes this morning before he asked me to stop, which I then did.
  14. Shot this morning, used this afternoon!!! https://www.thesun.ie/news/4161451/ian-bailey-convicted-murder-french-court/ TR94F2 Andy Gibson Bantry, West Cork, Ireland. 31st May, 2019. Ian Bailey, the man who is on trial in France in absentia for the murder of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier, was in Bantry Market this morning. A verdict is expected in the trial today. Credit: Andy Gibson/Alamy Live News Same pic used in the Irish Mirror - lovely! https://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/crime/breaking-ian-bailey-found-guilty-16234483
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