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  1. 13 minutes ago, Richard Tadman said:

    I take your point. It must be great to have a business model where we all do the leg work at no cost to Alamy or whoever and other than storage and hosting fees they incur no cost until they sell an image and then they pretty much clear 50% on the sale. Not only that but we have to bear the 90 days or more credit extended to these customers. The more I think about this the more inequitable it all appears. Mugs or what ?

    No because without Alamy you'd make no sales.  I think 50% is a good deal.

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  2. Sadly, since I've turned pro, my love of photography has gone.  I only pick up the camera now if I'm earning or if there's a chance to earn.  I bring my cameras everywhere and always look out for stock pics, beauty doesn't come into it any more.  News and stock are permanently at the forefront of my mind.  Photography is no longer a hobby, simply a job.  That said, I love my job.

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