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  1. I've just looked at the 3 pics and if they were mine, there's no way on this planet I'd take them down/edit out the name and resubmit/etc.  Fight this 'til the end because if those pics are taken down, editorial photography as we know it will be gone...  In my opinion, of course.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Bella said:


    Thanks Andy... not sure when I will ever get close to 5,000 images but I'm working on it :D

    I thought that, but I just keep on uploading and the port just keeps increasing in size.  At the beginning of this year I had approx. 3,500 pics, I'll easily get to 6,000 by 31st Dec, hopefully more.  You'd be surprised how quickly the total number of pics goes up.

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  3. No D8xx series here - MP's far too high.  My daily gear is a recently bought used D4s with 24-70 and a D700 with a 70-200 - I recently retired my D3, but I still have it as a back up.  I'm also using my Sony RX 100 MK 3 more often these days as I look more like a tourist with it than a press tog.

  4. On 31/07/2020 at 16:23, Cal said:


    Is it actually on the upswing or are numbers appearing higher because more people are being tested? 1 in 1000 is 0.1% and so is 1000 in 1,000,000, but the latter sounds better if you state it out of context without the percentage. Which is exactly what is happening here - I wonder why?


    We are having to deal with the same hysteria now in England, Greater Manchester now on "lockdown" again with people being banned from seeing people from other households. It's utterly ridiculous and becoming like something out of a dystopian novel. I wouldn't be so wound up about it if it were actually something to be deeply afraid of but it isn't - the virus has a 0.2% mortality rate *of people that get it* and here at the moment you have a 1 in 4000 chance of even catching it in the first place. 


    The average death rate here for the last few months has been no higher than it was last year. Yet the utter buffoons that run this country still insist on wrecking it over this overblown threat. What is the end plan I wonder? Just keep "locking down" until every case vanishes? Because this will probably come back around every year like the cold and flu does, and if they think we are "locking down" every time it does they have another thing coming. The fact that the majority of supermarkets and police have outright said they won't/can't police the wearing of masks is a de facto vote of no confidence in our government. Not to mention the utterly devastating long term effect this will have on the development of young children who have now had to live a sizeable proportion of their lives isolated from others, the hit on mental health and the effects falling GDP will have on crime etc.


    They can stick their lockdown up their ar*e.


    EDIT: I misspoke above about the 1/4000 chance of catching it. This 1/4000, I am told, is the chance of simply /finding/ someone with the virus. You then have to catch it from them, which is a less than 100% chance. Far less.


    From very easily google-able statistics, using the world population number and those who have died from covid worldwide, the mortality percentage works out as 0.008641%. Why are we scared of this again?

    It's stupid comments and views like this that are exacerbating the problem.  Cases of C19 are on the rise and will keep rising as long as people think in this moronic way. 😡

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  5. 2 hours ago, andremichel said:

    Thanks for the info. Your monthly numbers have been impressive especially recently while many have struggled. 

    Thanks. I’ve taken full advantage of C19 and photographed everything from face mask wearers to COVID test centres to Garda check points. I’ve worked really hard, shooting almost every day from before dawn to after dusk. I’ve done very well with Irish nationals and Cork based papers too.  News is where it’s at, seemingly...

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