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  1. And they will. It’s like being back at school. Pathetic…
  2. Good old Wally the Walrus just keeps on giving! Live news for $$$
  3. Pics taken today - love shooting farm stuff.
  4. I had a filling at the dentist today and was told I need another, which is scheduled for 1st December. 😥
  5. I’m very wet - all the time. In fact, you could say I’m a drip 🤣
  6. That statement would seem to apply to everyone apart from the very people who keep this company in business - us! That's just laughable.
  7. Cool topic. Here's my three: Birmingham Market. Market in Rincon de la Victoria, Malaga. Bantry Market, Ireland.
  8. Taken yesterday whilst travelling between two shoots. Made me giggle. 2GYW36K
  9. The best thing I ever did was give up weddings. I hated the build up to the day, dressing up for the day, shooting the day, the editing for oodles of hours afterwards, the wedding fairs - just everything was awful. I was ALWAYS fed with the guests and ate what they ate, because I had the intelligence to make that part of the contract.
  10. We have a winner - well done Abiyoyo! Over to you, Jorge, for this month’s challenge. 👍
  11. A quick bump - this is the last day for voting and it's close between the top 3. Make your vote count!
  12. That must be such a difficult car journey! If the windows in the car aren't down because of rain, I put the air con on the freezer setting and blast it out. Luckily, my car has dual heat so she can have it hot her side.
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