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  1. Ate another bunch of my blight ruined potato crop last night. Tasted perfect, although the spuds were a little small.
  2. We use used coffee grounds instead of slug pellets. Works a treat
  3. Although the whole of my potato crop was hit with blight, the spuds taste great, they're just small.
  4. A flat white typically uses a 60gm double shot of coffee with the same amount of lightly frothed milk. (I'm a qualified barista)
  5. AFP has more chance of winning that than I have of hiring King Herod to babysit for my friend...
  6. Same here - $95 was cleared, which has now dropped down to $2 cleared. No doubt A***y will lock this topic very soon...
  7. If ever there was a post to prove A***y doesn't care about its contributors, this is it. The price gained doesn't seem 'negotiated' at all, rather A***y pandered to its customer. Additionally, refusing to tell us who licences our images because of 'confidentiality agreements' is pretty poor. Absolutely scandalous behaviour from A***y to the hands that feed it...
  8. A couple of Upday sales for low $. 2G7WNP9. 2G72B33.
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