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  1. Good luck with your exhibition Dyn, hope everything goes well for you. Regards, Davey
  2. I've just uploaded a batch of images, which all turned blue and stated "upload completed". Usually if I go straight to "track your uploads" the correct number of images are shown with a "processing" sign. (Which obviously goes to "Awaiting QC".) Today there's nothing! I'm just wondering whether to re-upload or leave it for a day to see if it appears later today! Any advice would be gratefully received, Thanks. Kind regards, Davey Edit: Panic over guys. They've just appeared. Sorry for starting a new thread which is already redundant. Appologise to all.
  3. Just made my first sale!!! Considering the small size of my portfolio at the moment I was quite surprised to say the least. It was for a poster/interior decor for $364!! :D It's certainly confidence boosting. Regards, Davey
  4. I'm in England but my images etc are priced in USD! I am assuming that when/if I make a sale I will get GBP!!!!
  5. Welcome Jake to the Alamy family and I hope you enjoy your experience with us. For hints, tips and some serious advice from contributors more experienced than I, take a look through older topics in the forum. There is an abundance of advice to help new contributors in their quest. Kind Regards, Davey
  6. OK, will do... "practise", not "practice". "Practice" is a noun. But hey, most English people don't know the difference these days Alan Thank you! (see we're so very well behaved here ;-)) wim Now I had to look it up. Oh dear. It's practise if your British; but practice for all those who use the US spell checker. Well I must make sure to put BOTH spellings in my keywording!!! Davey
  7. Welcome to the Alamy family Gordon, I hope you have an enjoyable experience with us Regards, Davey
  8. So am I right in thinking that if i find any of my Alamy images on google images then they should be paying for it? (I've just seen three of mine on there......and they've never even been zoomed!!!!)
  9. Typed "flare" into Alamy and there's 102 000 images! The first half dozen are all sun flare so I see no reason for flare to fail
  10. Congrats and well done to all the finalists
  11. I took this image in my back garden. It was growing out of one of the plant pots and I can only imagine a bird has deposited the seeds. I had narrowed the search to include Purple Nightshade, Common Comfrey, Pasqueflower and Purple Gentian but I am not convinced! I'm hoping that a kind fellow contibutor will be able to put me right Thanks, Davey
  12. I was just curious that's all Oh, ok . . . fair enough . . . although it seemed you were strongly advocating having one I find chat-rooms per se a very inefficient way of actually transferring information beyond 1-on-1 encounters (and then it's the luck of the draw who is online at the same time as you), they tend to get bogged down in the moment so to speak. But Arletta alludes to the fact there are a number of closed forums and groups around . . . there's even an Alamy-specific one -- or at least, there was, although last time I looked it was pretty well abandoned. dd OK, thanks very much' Regards, davey
  13. Is there a "live" chat forum for verified members where logged in members can chat in a live room not available to guests? If there is then where is it? If there isn't then can we have one? Please!! Regards, Davey.
  14. I presume any and all blog entries will be visible to non-contributor guests in the forum!!
  15. Welcome Stephen, I hope you enjoy your experience with us. Regards, Davey
  16. Welcome to the Alamy family Sarah, I hope you have an enjoyable experience with us. (I like the lambs too ) Regards, Davey
  17. Welcome to the Alamy family Arquida. I hope you will have a good experience with us. Regards Davey
  18. Hi Sarah, welcome to the Alamy family. I hope you have a good experience with us. Kind regards Davey
  19. Download Zerene stacker from the web. It's free for a month then you have to buy! Regards, davey
  20. I got the same too! Just deleted the "conversation".
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