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  1. Guardian online 6/9 https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/sep/06/home-office-immigration-document-leak-brexit-eu-nationals-family-reunion-rights Alamy credit only EA838T Contributer wronaphoto.com
  2. Welcome to the Alamy family Pamela, may I suggest you read lots of threads to assist you in the learning process and I look forward to viewing your work. Kind regards, Davey
  3. Hi Michael and welcome to the Alamy family, I hope you have an enjoyable experience with us. Regards, Davey
  4. Found on page 44 of The Daily Express, 24 June, Sweet Haze Roses, (cropped) F507E7 Alamy credit only, contributor Grethe Ulgjell
  5. Three from me............ Olympic class rowing boats being transported to an event. Rowing boats for hire Pleasure craft at a mooring in Turkey Thanks and good luck to everyone Davey
  6. I could afford to go to restaurants but as a professional chef with 45 years experience I am often dissapointed with food and/or menus served in said restaurants. I usually scan food dishes on Alamy and find "subjects" with less than 100 images on file then purposely cook and photograph said "subject" at home. So far, although I'm a relative newbie on Alamy, 50% of my sales have been food/ drink related. So for the time being I think I will continue along the same path.
  7. I agree with Andy. Since getting the new system I have only uploaded foody images so fits in the "Food and Drink" category. but I would certainly have concerns over where to put anything else! Davey
  8. Welcome to the Alamy family Fuscobal and Octa
  9. Durham Cathedral east wall at night.... Entrance to Durham Castle...... Apartment block in Icmeler, Turkey. Good luck everyone Davey.
  10. I uploaded images last Tuesday and didn't receive an email. I uploaded more images yesterday (Thursday) and received TWO emails this morning (Friday). Pobably just a glitch> Davey
  11. Welcome to the Alamy fold Kelv. Hope you have an enjoyable experience with us. Regards, Davey
  12. Welcome to the Alamy family Lynn, I hope you have a good time with us. Davey
  13. I agree with John and I think it could be the "Alpen Diamond" variety
  14. You won't be able to see any of your images until they have passed QC, then key worded. On the "dashboard" of my alamy try clicking on the "Track my submissions" box which will hold your history of submissions and state whether they are awaiting QC, Passed, or failed! I agree with DJ though. If it was your first submission and you have uploaded more than four images they will fail instantly!
  15. Well done and congrats Doc.An ambition I will probably never achieve Kind regards Davey
  16. Welcome to the Alamy family Josef, I hope you have a good experience with us. Good luck in Venice. Davey
  17. Welcome to the Alamy family Plumbtreelad. I hope you have an enjoyable experience with us. Looking forward to viewing your images. Davey
  18. A great big heartfelt thanks to everyone who invests their time and effort to find, research and post over the last year. Keep up the good work in 2017. Kindest regards, Davey
  19. In a search for "Gaza food meal" there are only 157 images on Alamy! And not all of them are images of actual food. That's a nice food image you have. Why isn't it in your port? I think you may have a niche right there MA. Good luck Davey
  20. Merry Christmas and a peaceful, prosperous new year. Davey
  21. Welcome to the Alamy family, I hope you have an enjoyable experience with us. Davey
  22. Welcome to the Alamy family Antony, I hope you have an enjoyable experience with us. Davey
  23. Welcome to the Alamy family How, I hope you enjoy your experience with us Davey
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