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  1. Grateful thanks to everyone for your kind comments and warm welcome. I am busily plodding on with the task of increasing my portfolio, however this may take a while as it takes me ages to keyword!!!! P.S. Bryan, Would be happy to meet up in Durham with you sometime. regards, Davey
  2. I always carry my camera (a big DSLR) in my bag. It is better to have it with you and get nothing than not have it with you and miss that perfect picture!
  3. Hi Bill, I have an "Epson Perfection V370 Photo". I used it to scan 5x7 prints I took in Antarctica 30 years ago! Hope this helps, regards Davey
  4. I'm no expert! however It could be a Blacktailed Skimmer (Orthetrum Cancellatum). It would be the female as the males have blue tails!!! Probably!!!!!
  5. Hello and welcome to our little fold Christina. Looking forward to viewing your work. Regards, Davey
  6. Apparently there's a resurgence of interest in shooting 35mm film, so, will you be joining them and buying a few rolls Davey? If you believe the photo mags, apparently there IS a resurgence of interest, especially from teenagers! I have a couple of 35mm cameras in the cupboard still and the darkroom equipment is available on line. I just have nowhere to set it up these days
  7. Hi Col, I'm a "newbie" on here to. Like Matt I'm also just a hobbyist and the great fellow contributors on here give excellent advice whenever you need it. I'm not expecting any sales this year however the best advice I was given, again by a fellow contributor, (Bryan), was not to get despondent if you don't make a sale. Just keep going and smile . Welcome and good luck. (Nice images by the way) Regards, Davey
  8. Back in the real old days we didn't have ISO. We had ASA. What I miss most is the look and feel of a good fiber based silver gelatin print. Fortunately I still have quite a few around the house. I wish I had been able to produce a good fibre based silver-gelatin print, I was not a good printer But I can and will, or more correctly enable others to, make good prints (ink-jet or Fuji Crystal) from my digital files. Better than I ever managed with wet printing. I did a City & Guilds of London in Advanced Darkroom Techniques, (passed with distinction!) Six months later everything went digital!!!!!
  9. Quite correct, ie: grain is now noise!! And I don't set my fingers on fire from lighting a cigarette with fixing solution all over my hands!!!!!!! oops !
  10. I was reminiscing just this afternoon on days gone by in the photographers world. I remember learning about fstops, depth of field, shutter speed, ISO's, film grain, pushing film, pulling film, film latitude etc etc. But mostly, before I had my own darkroom, the stickers you got on your prints telling you what you already knew!!! My absolute fave photographer is/was Ansel Adams. I bet he didn't have those problems. What sticks out in your mind of days gone by in the photographic world? Regards, Davey
  11. Even more invaluable advice. Thanks guys. So very gratefully appreciated. (I like the "probably" idea)!!
  12. Thanks guys. Yet more invaluable advice, most appreciated. Thanks again. certainly puts my mind at rest
  13. Hiya Betty, I'm sorry I can't help with your ID on this one, I often have the same problems! This may be a bit cheeky but may I ask...... Alamy seems to encourage accurate identification, preferably with Latin equivalent as well. My question is.......If I identify a flower for example, and my identity process is limited to finding a similar image on Google!!, and use that identification in title or keywords and then I'm wrong.....would that then be my responsibility or should I include a disclaimer in the title??? Thanks, Davey
  14. I've just seen the image of a Snowy Owl on the news media. The image was taken by a roadside speed camera in the US of A. In conjunction with the toApes1 Photographers 0, Who owns the copyright to that image? (sorry I haven't got a link to view it!)
  15. Ah! Did the monkey..ape....whatever....sign a model release form????
  16. Other than selling the files to a "Spot the Difference" competition! May I suggest that if you process 50 files per day, (long days!!). Get extremely agitated so that at the end of the day you delete those files. After ten days you would have one file left to print for me on......ummmmm 18 January!!!!!
  17. As a "newbie" to stock photography this post has enlightened me somewhat too! Thanks Philippe....great advice
  18. Alex, in my experience 12 year olds don't read books, its old fashioned! I would suggest becoming a member to one of the many photography magazines in circulation where online lessons are available for free. And apps available to peruse on smart phones so the learning is as fast or slow as the pupil desires. Hope this is helpful, regards Davey
  19. Thanks Bryan, nice to know. From what I've heard.... the top quarter of the cathedral tower has to be taken down sometime soon, due to erosion. Cost of about £10m!!! Scaffolding up there for years to come which is a bugger as I have a view of it from my living room window!!!! Regards Davey
  20. Thanks all. The Alamy tech guys got back to me and suggested the same as John Richmond, (Ctrl+). This solved my problem and I am now uploading perfectly. Regards Davey
  21. I have been trying to upload some more images but when I go into the uploads page the whole screen isn't showing! I can get my files "ready to upload" but the "upload" button is hidden from view! Therefore I am unable to continue further. Any ideas??? Regards Davey
  22. Hiya from Durham, England. My name is Davey and I am a 56 year old who has been photographing on and off for 30 years. It's only in the last couple of years since I became single again that I've decided to take it to new horizons. My interests lean towards macro and wildlife imagery. I take my dog, Max, out every day around the wonderful countryside surrounding Durham City, so my camera is always in my bag as you never know just whats round the corner! Regards to everyone, happy new year, Davey
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