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  1. Yes a site that sells images online should be smart enough to change the currency. I know that another big boy site sells my images and whenever I am in a different country the images are for sale in the local currency. As a buyer, I would actually find this method at Alamy to be a hindrance to purchase an image rather than a facilitator to purchase an image. On that note, I just searched for an image while logged out of Alamy, and the prices appear in $$$, but when I login, the pricing appears in GBP. Any suggestions on how to switch this?
  2. Whenever I look at an image and pricing it is set as a default to British Pounds. How do I switch that to USD as a default.
  3. I recently did a bunch of low light shooting. The images are fine, but they are certainly grainy in look and feel. I seem to recall there was a special submission contract for such images. If that is the case can anyone steer me in that direction. If not, is there a way to make a note that the images are indeed shot in low light with high ISO. Thanks...
  4. I have seen the stock photo requests on the blog. I have photographed one of the requests for the December 2015 specifically for Alamy. Is there a special keyword code to use for these requests? How does one make sure the images requested get noticed in a timely manner? I have searched Alamy, and there are no images of this particular request.
  5. Thank you all for your insight. I will certainly start applying this advice.
  6. What is the best way to caption? For example Ho Chi Minh City. I would normally only caption this as such, but I have noticed many contributors use Ho Chi Minh City, Ho, Chi, Minh, City, Ho Chi Minh, This seems odd to me as Ho Chi Minh City is just that, it's not Ho, it's not Chi, and it's not Minh. By using the Ho, Chi, Minh seems rather desperate to hopefully have your file found as those keywords are not accurate. I am fairly new to Alamy, but also have a very good grasp of keywords in general and this concept of using partial keywords to hopefully get a view seems odd to me
  7. How does one correctly fill in the Restrictions field? I have some images that are not model released. I have been going to the Restrictions field and doing this... Territory: Worldwide Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Is this the correct way to ensure the image is only to be used for editorial worldwide? If not, what would be the correct way? Cheers!
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