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  1. Trying again to get my first comments uploaded, this time using Mozilla Firefox rather than Win7/IE11. This is an interesting issue. I have also been "gripped" by the pixel peeping disease. I think rightly or wrongly that Alamy have tightened their requirements, but at the same time I have wondered at the reduction in file size from 48Mp TIFF to 17Mp Jpeg (and now apparently saved at level 8). I use mainly the Sony A6000 with Sony zooms and RX100M3 for wherever I go. These are excellent cameras an I still wonder at the quality of these 1" sensor images at 100%. There is only one issue where I downsize. During winter months a lot of shadow protrudes into the images and getting rid of the luminance in these dark areas without affecting sharpness too much is a challenge at full image size (at least for me). There I would typically go for 5000 on the A6000 and 4000 on the RX100M3. Never below 24Mp. If the image does not look "right" at 100% at min 24Mp opened it goes into spam. I still submit saved at level 12. With an image uploading in around 30 seconds I go for max. quality.
  2. I have my RX100M3 with me wherever I go. Great camera. I use it as my old X700 set to A with the wonderful addition of AF. For my type of photography, control of DOF is important although easier with APS-C size and higher ISO (without affecting quality). Looked at RX100M4 and decided I did not need the "improvements". With storage so cheap I always shoot RAW & Jpeg, particularly in winter. Sometimes use the Jpegs in summer, but find that Sony Jpegs are a bit "rough" compared with the RAW you can manipulate in LR and PS Cloud. Really no excuse for not using LR/PS now considering a cost of £8.57/month (here in UK).
  3. interesting discussion. Using mainly Sony A6000 with Sony zoom lenses and RX100M3 for walkabout I rarely find a need to downsize except when having a degree of shadow to be lighten up a bit with the shadow slider in PS. Difficult to get totally rid of luminance even from RAW without affecting sharpness at 100% so a little bit of downsizing is in place then. I might go to 4000 on RX100M3 or 5000 on A6000 both on long image side. Not had a rejection since May 2014 and that was for other reasons. I often wonder what level of quality would pass and looking at the new guide lines I think I am probably too cautious, but better that than having failures.
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