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  1. Bryan, I have a NEX-6 and thought that the A6000 viewfinder was inferior just looking at the specifications. In theory that should be the case. Sometimes reality has a different answer. I purchased the A6000 when Sony offered £50 cashback and was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually like the A6000 viewfinder better. It is brighter and fast. No complaints on that score. The A6000 is just the job for Alamy and my Sony zoom lenses have handled the 24Mp well. Also good to have the Sony A series menu rather than the NEX variety. Don't see any reason for buying a A6300. A "better" camera with a lot of improvements I don't need. The A6000 will do me for a long time - in fact until it packs up. I don't see any improvements Sony can make that make my A6000 and RX100M3 obsolete for my purposes.
  2. An interesting question (for me) in relation to lighter equipment relates to Alamy's decision to abandon their banned camera list and rely on QA only. I once enquired if Sony's HX90V would be acceptable and the answer was predictably NO. In view of their changed attitude has anyone tried to submit pictures through the usual upload taken by such formerly "banned" cameras and/or a top level smartphone? I would be interested in knowing as I would think that by using latest PS Cloud it should be possible to adjust a sunlit and well exposed image from such a camera to pass at 17Mb. Even although the HX90V only outputs Jpeg at 18Mp I would have thought that doing most of the work in non destructible Camera RAW a good result could be produced as long as one remained within say half its reach to 720mm. HX90V would be an excellent lightweight companion to Sony's RX100M3 with same size and also the EVF retractable viewfinder.
  3. Interesting to note the numbers possessing an RX100 of different versions. Personally I purchased the RX100 when it came out and switched to M3 last year because I like the 24mm wide lens and the viewfinder. The number of lost pictures because of sun on the rear screen became too many. I am blown away by the quality of the images from this camera and see no reason to invest in an M4 model. Over the years I have gradually retired Sony DSLRs A700/350/550/580 and sold them all on ebay. Only retain one A58 with a variety of lenses. Rarely used. To add options to my photography I also own a A6000 with Sony zooms 10-18, 16-50 and 55-210 which give me almost unbroken 35mm coverage from 15 to 315mm reach. The weight of these plus spare batteries is bearable and much lighter than the DSLR stuff and they do well on a 24Mp camera. So that is the end of renewal unless a total loss occurs. I joined Alamy at the start and as a hobby has managed to upload in excess of 8000 images with steady sales, but with 50,000 contributors and falling unit sales values it is difficult to make it a business unless you are into tens of thousands. Furthermore almost any camera can now meet QC requirements at the 17Mb file size and entry is now cheap. As stated above, a second hand RX100 can be got for £200 or less. When I started with film we sent in CDs with 48Mb min. in TIFF. Needed investment in expensive camera and lenses as well as a dedicated film scanner. Changed times.
  4. Trying again to get my first comments uploaded, this time using Mozilla Firefox rather than Win7/IE11. This is an interesting issue. I have also been "gripped" by the pixel peeping disease. I think rightly or wrongly that Alamy have tightened their requirements, but at the same time I have wondered at the reduction in file size from 48Mp TIFF to 17Mp Jpeg (and now apparently saved at level 8). I use mainly the Sony A6000 with Sony zooms and RX100M3 for wherever I go. These are excellent cameras an I still wonder at the quality of these 1" sensor images at 100%. There is only one issue where I downsize. During winter months a lot of shadow protrudes into the images and getting rid of the luminance in these dark areas without affecting sharpness too much is a challenge at full image size (at least for me). There I would typically go for 5000 on the A6000 and 4000 on the RX100M3. Never below 24Mp. If the image does not look "right" at 100% at min 24Mp opened it goes into spam. I still submit saved at level 12. With an image uploading in around 30 seconds I go for max. quality.
  5. I have my RX100M3 with me wherever I go. Great camera. I use it as my old X700 set to A with the wonderful addition of AF. For my type of photography, control of DOF is important although easier with APS-C size and higher ISO (without affecting quality). Looked at RX100M4 and decided I did not need the "improvements". With storage so cheap I always shoot RAW & Jpeg, particularly in winter. Sometimes use the Jpegs in summer, but find that Sony Jpegs are a bit "rough" compared with the RAW you can manipulate in LR and PS Cloud. Really no excuse for not using LR/PS now considering a cost of £8.57/month (here in UK).
  6. interesting discussion. Using mainly Sony A6000 with Sony zoom lenses and RX100M3 for walkabout I rarely find a need to downsize except when having a degree of shadow to be lighten up a bit with the shadow slider in PS. Difficult to get totally rid of luminance even from RAW without affecting sharpness at 100% so a little bit of downsizing is in place then. I might go to 4000 on RX100M3 or 5000 on A6000 both on long image side. Not had a rejection since May 2014 and that was for other reasons. I often wonder what level of quality would pass and looking at the new guide lines I think I am probably too cautious, but better that than having failures.
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