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  1. well AFAIK, distributor sales are always lower since its split three ways. Agency, distributor and photographer. As far as discussing sales amounts on a public forum it can result in bad publicity and embarrassments. I dont particularly want people to see I am virtually giving my pics away. Embarrasing! isnt it. Besides in most agencies one is not allowed to mention sums just sales.
  2. laughable how some people proclaims Alamy not being micro-stock, well they have no micro-site ( yet) but they sure as hell have prices like microstock, they have to or else they would be extinct. They even enlist and encourage photographers from the MSG, a microstock forum. Anyway nothing wrong with that since they have to move with the times and stay in tune and trying to be where the money is. The traditional way of just RM/RF is finished, its gone! period. There isnt one single traditional agency today not even the smaller botique agencies that dont also include what we reffer to as micro pricing.
  3. Phillipe is right. Buyers shop around all the time and many pay hugely different prices, sometimes its really unbelievable. couple of weeks back I had exactly the same image selling in a micro for $.8, few days later same image clocked in $.640. Of course it was for a different usage but still. just saying
  4. Philippe! well if thats personal use, I eat my hat. Thats typical DLs for commercial use, prints etc
  5. Splendid! one refund!..... just to give a comparison. Here I only have 409 images but exactly the same 409 images I have at a small boutique agency, 409 images. They are exclusivly selling creative material but even so, they manage to muster up. $.920 for June month!. This is IMO the difference between an editorial agency and a creative agency.... we shant even mention the huge differences where my main port is, around 4000 images, mindblowing! I am truly convinced thast if an agency, any agency decide to mix editorial with creative its a killer in the long run. Editorial content often taken on the fly and often poorly post-processed, cheaper ( if not unique) makes a creative buyer expect the same low pricing for a conceptual image selling/promoting his message or product. This is in many opinions the big draw-back.
  6. A week ago?????????? and you expect sales . Some of us have been waiting since WWII, can't speak anymore they have just announced the world-peace, Churchill and Roosevelt are coming. So long
  7. Look! ten years back and more it was quite easy to make a good living with a good portfolio in the old traditional agencies, RM only at that time. Five-figure sales reports were a common monthly revenue, I'm sure Geoff agrees. Things change and today the RM trad-agencies have lost its clout, lots its power, they simply can not keep up with these new whizz-kids. Also they came in too late for the action, laughing and shrugging their shoulders when Oringer and Livingstone launched their new born micros. Well look at it now. I would say, its completely impossible to survive as a stock-photographer unless you stick your fingers in every pot, micro, RM, RF, you name it. You have to spread out as much as possible, explore every avenue, every corner.
  8. Blaming microstock??? HA!! well thats a laugh if ever there was one. some 50% here are also microstockers, Alamy enlists microstockers via the MSG!......... sitting around in a trad-agency today waiting for the odd. 50 bucks sale is as entertaining as watching paint dry. If I told you some of the names behind the pseudos in two of the major micro-stock agencies, I bet many here would go to the local and get well pissed. Besides the word "micro" is old and outdated, the major ones sell as much credit-sales and enhanced-licenses as any of the trad agencies.
  9. If money is the most important, youre main goal. This is the wrong avenue, wrong place.
  10. No we don't. I got my first sales after a few days. But then again I started with S T O C K right away. I started by sending a harddrive with 15000 images. Got sales almost immediately, maintained and improved my ranking and now get sales on a daily basis. The biggest problem for most is that they want to enter the stock business way too soon. If you want to sell stock, make sure you have ......... S T O C K in the first place Cheers, Philippe I know! was just kidding. Thats what I did 8 years back with, so and so, some 8000 images and sales followed immediately. Very firsdt month was, 22 sales and half of them RM sales! youre right though, people want to get in with their little dslr's, 50 shots and they expect sales immediately. No free rides anymore.
  11. Yes, its like asking, how long is a piece of string? we are all ancient, pre stoneage here and we have waited a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time
  12. I believe you! seriously though, I am not talking about peoples images, I am referring to the way Alamy mix creative with editorial in almost every category, makes me wonder why there are separate uploads?
  13. Oh man! ease down a bit, don't be so edgy and try and take a joke. I didn't say peoples images were jumble-sale, I said that Alamy MIX them as if it was a Jumble-sale. Big difference! and you must surely admit, they do?
  14. I'm sorry if there is a language barrier, but otherwise, is anyone else getting a bit bored with having their images described as "weird" "has-beens" in a "jumble sale"? Martin! no barriers here, its plain English isn't it? you understood what I meant didn't you?
  15. Oh there are some agencies giving a LOT more then $.2K per month. This is something Alamy will have to live and deal with, especially when boosting 70 million images. In effect it means of course that the real great creative/commercial images are uploaded elsewhere and not here where they would be mixed up like in a jumble-sale with all sorts of weird editorial content. Yeah life is a bitch isn't it.
  16. Sorry! I don't get this at all. Zooms, views, so what??? I have a couple of images with so and so, one of them has, 1100 views NO sale, the other one, 700 odd views, NO sale. It means nothing! thats like playing a Roulettee, you can sit there all your life and never, ever get the one single number you*ve backed. Nuts.
  17. Fine! that happens in all agencies but you can't live on hope's and maybes, if's and but's an image will sell. The agency have a resposibility to its customers and suppliers to set firm rules of whats allowed in or not. All in the hope of creating a speedy and good quality search. It is not a clever idea to just amalgamate gazillions of files, publicly boasting, bragging about it when some 70% is old outdated editorial has-beens.
  18. DT have completely deteriorated but NOT because the way they remove old pics, thats got nothing at all to do with it. DT changes their search at the same time they started to push sub-packages and it all started to fall apart. Heavy contributors leaving, etc. DT is a golden example of what happens when when short-term-profit thinking don't work but instead just destroy. Pity! used to be a fair agency with good pricing. Removing old pics is not a good idea. All it needs is to stop irrelevant material at the door, first step, the reviewer have that responsibility! in the old days the editors used to ask three questions: is this picture commercial?, does it convey any message? is it technically sound? if the answer to all three is a fat NO, then whats the point of letting it clogg up the files?
  19. No way, to keep filling up with images just for the sake of assets, a million images per week in total. Just listen to it..... one million per week is utter madness and completely derogative to the entire industry. Nobody is impressed! and creative buyers just hate wading through all irrelevant material. I work with Ad-agencies all the time and when they look for fill-outs or main briefs, believe me many are going to the smaller Boutique agencies. Now with SS, Getty and Alamy even Adobe its become some sort of a pointless race, who have the most. Also considering the reviewing here at Alamy is very, very lenient, well you can imagine the image-spam. We as sppliers don't count but buyers are affected badly by this. The two leading micros started a year back to enforce strict editing and blocking too many sisters, so did the big G and its about time Alamy did the same.
  20. Ha! Geoff, you could say that again. The polls, almost all info gets warped at that place. You have about a hundred people, same people all the time who decides what's it to be and should you by any chance happen to speak well of the RM/RF agencies, you get a warning followed by a ban. Worse! should you mention you had a good month, Oh boy! then youre a lier, sick in the head and completely off your rockers.
  21. Hi Duncan! long time no speak. Been on holiday? I agree but the trad-agencies, all of them still have some way to go. Its still lots of fumbling around in the dark how to tackle the industry, business-plan, etc.
  22. Lots of gossip actually. I have just passed the 1-million mark of downloads and can not see any down trend in micro what so ever, contrary some are just getting better. As is Alamy with all the editorial downloads. Todays micro isn't what it used to be. Today some of the major ones can meet any brief and any traditional agency with just as many credit-sales as any other agency. All I know is that buyers/punter hold very tight in their purse and needless to say thats the way its going to be. Consequently I think like Alamy here, its a must for the trad-agencies to adjust themselves to something in between micro/macro or else they are going to find it very hard to be in business.
  23. YES! and Geoff is right in his statement. However the three major micro-stock agencies are generating a LOT of revenue, some people are earning small fortunes there. If Alamy would put more heart/brains into their creative section, well they would probably attract more people and increase their earnings considerably. The big G have reaiised this and is doing its best to sort of find a middle way and in some ways getting close to to top end of micro.
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