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  1. Yep I am doing very well in Micro as well, similar to your own experience. However, Micro is not the answer. Micro is unsustainable in every way, continuing slashing prices, constant change of Algorithm and search, killing off tons of portfolios and right now for the average supplier, micro is really down. Just read the SS forum, doom and gloom. RM is in my opinion the only thing left, extra revenues for rights, etc. RF is OK but its still low pricing. The key factor is to find the right outlets, agencies, armed with a somewhat specialized portfolio or at least not the usual isolation and generic stuff. I have been lead to believe Alamy sell much more editorial stuff then creative, if so we are barking up the wrong tree..
  2. Hi Christian, I have sent you a personal message. Niels Hi! Thanks! I sent you one minutes later. best.
  3. Hi Niels! No I dont intend to replace images. On the contrary I am removing all my oil and gas industry images. I cant supply one house collection RM and two RF agencies. Its becoming impossible. Since Alamy is the one producing the least, the images will have to go. Less spread on this sort of content, the better. Thats an observation I made some time ago. best.
  4. Hi! I am having to delete pics one by one. There is a batch delete but it dont seem to work? anybody?
  5. RM !!!!! for sure! my big mistake here was to dabble into RF ( realize that now). Since 93, I already belong to another RM house collection. Obviously I couldnt go RM here as well. This is ofcourse if your content is of a special or somewhat niched look. best.
  6. Well I have made a decision. After reading the sales-reports from my other RF/RM agency ( been there since 1993), 27 sales mixed sales with my cut being, close to, 8K.Euro, Its no doubt in my mind that the Alamy traffic for my type of shots are pretty non existent or rather, my type of buyers do not come here. As I said before, my probable mistake was to try and work with two RM/RF agencies. That doesnt work
  7. Hi Ron! just saw this thread, blimey I went into my profile page expecting to have twice as many negatives then you. I am neutral!! can you blieve that? I dont like being a boring goody two shoes so can I have some minus votes please. Makes up for the lack of sales actually.
  8. No this time I am definetely going to have to re-think my plans. Cant understand it really, my other RF outlet is always a four-figured amount, every single month and in RM, its just lightyears above, but here at Alamy it just doesnt seem to match any of the input. Sure most RM/RF is customer type orientated and its pretty clear that here they have their set type of buyers, lots of editorial, landscapes, travel, etc, etc. Thats great but its of no use to me. Apart from that its a great and friendly place and worth being a member of just for the sake of that. In future though I think I have to put all my RF/RMs, in one place only.
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