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  1. On 2018-12-08 at 10:25, Martin Carlsson said:


    Self-curation is probably the hardest part to get right. After all these years I'm constantly wrong in terms what I believe will sell well and what won't ever sell - perhaps others are better, but I'm utter crap at it - so my self imposed bar for submission is relatively low and I often see that images that I questioned for submission making sales - no rhyme no reason. So I agree that curation is important, that the open floodgates can be detrimental, but I don't know whom to trust to do the curation accurately, perhaps not the task of a human...which leads me on to


    Most other (major) places have gone towards less and less curation, or automatised it. I do think AI/Machine Learning will be a great tool eventually in situations like this, offering personalised tailored search results - imagine it yourself, a search that gets to know you better and better in terms style, locality etc. that you're interested in and serves you up better and better results the more you use it/over time - an AI picture researcher. 


    Exactly!  and thats why finding a niche is so important!

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  2. 17 hours ago, GS-Images said:


    Pennies per image, that is exactly what it is. If I cannot earn enough money, I'll look for alternative ways to make it rather than licensing images. How can pennies per image compensate for the time spent, travel costs, equipment costs, etc. PER IMAGE?


    If people wouldn't accept such silly fees in the first place, and weren't just in it for short term financial gain no matter what the future cost to the market overall, the stock market wouldn't be in the position it's in now.




    Well Geoff true it might be pennies, cents this and that but when these amounts to in the region of 3 to 4 grand a month!!  well its a pretty good guy sitting up there in that heaven throwing down pennies and cents.

    Hanging around waiting for that in the trad agencies well?? ever heard the expression "pushing Daiseys"?:)

  3. Ian! micro-pricing!!  which it is. so tell me whats the difference between the average sale being sort of micro-pricing and a proper micro-agency?? haha! no difference at all is it. Read what Brasilnut above is saying!

    Theonly difference is the subscription thingy thats all.

    Anyway you cant blame Alamy its either that or bite the dust so to speak. Prices are just falling by the hour, everywhere. Some guy I know had an 0.16 sale at the big G! how about that.

  4. 1 minute ago, geogphotos said:



    Okay Christian lets do a little experiment.


    My 15 most recent sales from Alamy are shown here - gross amounts. Just a straight screen shot no editing at all. 


    Now please do the same for a straight sequence from one of your micros. You could even do some basic statistical analysis to see if the same figures could be from the same sample. 




    I know what youre saying but the majority of sales are still under a fiver, same as G! I could show you some of my "single-sales" at the biggest micro during january. $303, $199, $92, $84$89 but still the average sale is OD.2.95 or subs 0.38, so lining up these sales dont mean a thing and you know that but you just wont have it will you?;)

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  5. 6 hours ago, Martin P Wilson said:


    Aren't the QI, newspaper scheme close to a subscription? And wasn't there mention, on the blog or in response to a CR query , a few montrhs ago of packages and something akin to a subscription. Alamy plays the detaails of its sales arranagement with clients VERY close to its chest.


    Just askin'


    Yes Indeed they do, very close!

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  6. 7 hours ago, geogphotos said:


    You have been saying that for ten years and it hasn't happened yet! :)


    Ah come on! Ian! why then did Alamy go to the MSG forum and recruited photographers, its no shame but business. This is micro all over and you know it! higher-end but still micro pricing. Whats the difference anyway I could be saying it for another 20 years and during all that time its micro!:)

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  7. 23 hours ago, geogphotos said:


    That's simply untrue. Alamy is not a micro-stock agency. But it has to compete with micro-stock agencies and micro-stock pricing.


    Exactly!!  having to compete with micro and that means close to same pricing or else NO sale! the only difference is Alamy do not have subs as micro-agencies  but I expect that to come in nearby future.

  8. Haha!!  honestly people I mean lets be frank is there really such a thing left as a proper Trad agency holding trad prices?? I can only think of ONE and they really DO sell and its NOT the big-G. who in their turn very often sell for less then even here!


    However good news!  companies have now begun to buy plots of land on Mars! so just imagine being among the first agencies establishing contacts!

  9. I disagree! 100% not mentioning any names but there are quite a few famous photographers here who have giant ports in micro-stock and doing very well here, etc! micro-stock have got nothing to do with it. In fact Alamy at one stage more or less asked micr-photographers to join, and why not?


    My port is small here at Alamy , why? because my pics are of a commercial, creative overtone so they dont sell very well and here lies the secret. You mentioned it yourself: Editorial. thats what you gonna have to do, Editorial.

    If I were you I would upload as much editorial as possible.

    Unfortunately I myself have a port elsewhere of close to 7000 images but they are all creative! and here they dont sell all that!

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