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  1. Chris! I had a look at your port and I like the interiors and the editorial feel of towns and streetmarkets BUT you know there are billions of this content!...you really want to start aiming the camera at more commercial subjects, hope you understand what I mean!
  2. Exactly! and thats why finding a niche is so important!
  3. Chris! hahaha! there is NOTHING you can come up with that havent been tried and beaten to death by all of us for many, many years!..you can not win! WHY? because just when a formula is working a little along comes agencies search-changes completely slaughtering many portfolios every time! So whats the answer? stay away from cut-price agencies! and go with the Trads!
  4. Alamy is micro-stock! with a slight plus!..they cut commissions to be on par with micro-stock and they even snatch micro-stock photographers from forums like the MSG etc, etc! I'm not worried but if I had 10.000 images plus! yeah they I would be REALLY!! woriied!
  5. My biggest stock-sale was ages ago all the way back in 2002! not here but in one of the old trad agencies in London, sold the copyright to a German engineering corporation a large-format tranny! $ 14K. Sigh! that will never happen again, not even close!...today we are killing each other for nickel and dimes!
  6. How is it going in 2018 so far??? well lets put it this way. I recon all this Alamy pimping for microstock-photographers over at the MSG and other places have finally taken its toll.
  7. Well Geoff true it might be pennies, cents this and that but when these amounts to in the region of 3 to 4 grand a month!! well its a pretty good guy sitting up there in that heaven throwing down pennies and cents. Hanging around waiting for that in the trad agencies well?? ever heard the expression "pushing Daiseys"?
  8. Ian! micro-pricing!! which it is. so tell me whats the difference between the average sale being sort of micro-pricing and a proper micro-agency?? haha! no difference at all is it. Read what Brasilnut above is saying! Theonly difference is the subscription thingy thats all. Anyway you cant blame Alamy its either that or bite the dust so to speak. Prices are just falling by the hour, everywhere. Some guy I know had an 0.16 sale at the big G! how about that.
  9. I know what youre saying but the majority of sales are still under a fiver, same as G! I could show you some of my "single-sales" at the biggest micro during january. $303, $199, $92, $84$89 but still the average sale is OD.2.95 or subs 0.38, so lining up these sales dont mean a thing and you know that but you just wont have it will you?
  10. Ah come on! Ian! why then did Alamy go to the MSG forum and recruited photographers, its no shame but business. This is micro all over and you know it! higher-end but still micro pricing. Whats the difference anyway I could be saying it for another 20 years and during all that time its micro!
  11. Exactly!! having to compete with micro and that means close to same pricing or else NO sale! the only difference is Alamy do not have subs as micro-agencies but I expect that to come in nearby future.
  12. Haha!! honestly people I mean lets be frank is there really such a thing left as a proper Trad agency holding trad prices?? I can only think of ONE and they really DO sell and its NOT the big-G. who in their turn very often sell for less then even here! However good news! companies have now begun to buy plots of land on Mars! so just imagine being among the first agencies establishing contacts!
  13. Ian! youre forgetting! Alamy is nowadays more or less a Micro-agency, a bit higher but still extremely close to micro!...I think they have to in order to survive!
  14. Haha! blimey Ian! talk about a chip?? I am just having general conversation, exclusive or not, could have been anybody, me, Brian, you. I thought you joined some micro before leaving you know what, SS or something well obviously I was wrong. No big deal! not the end of the world. Tell us then since you are Alamy exclusive, how is it going, any good??
  15. Not only leaving now! theyve been coming here for ages. In fact Alamy made a point in their msg forum to ask microstock shooters to come here! I myself have shot lots, some 5000 pics for microstock and I believe Ian, geophotos was also into micro-stock. So anyway going exclusive seems a bit nuts really.
  16. Exclusive here?? whats the point? Alamy have got more micro-stock photographers here then micro-stock itself!
  17. Haha! I doubt any member is getting fat and rich nowadays in this stock business, well off perhaps but not rich! most are probably on the Dole! hahaha!
  18. None of titles, captions and keywording seems to stick when editing?? is there a problem?
  19. Yes it is. I got the Canon 50Dsr when it came out and its defenetely too much for stock. To supply high-res tif files to some agencies is Ok but not wwhen you have to convert to jpg.
  20. I disagree! 100% not mentioning any names but there are quite a few famous photographers here who have giant ports in micro-stock and doing very well here, etc! micro-stock have got nothing to do with it. In fact Alamy at one stage more or less asked micr-photographers to join, and why not? My port is small here at Alamy , why? because my pics are of a commercial, creative overtone so they dont sell very well and here lies the secret. You mentioned it yourself: Editorial. thats what you gonna have to do, Editorial. If I were you I would upload as much editorial as possible. Unfortunately I myself have a port elsewhere of close to 7000 images but they are all creative! and here they dont sell all that!
  21. Not so bad actually considering I have had sales from the big G for less then one dollar! how about that!
  22. Thanks Martin! Ok I get it, so really the colour of that line means very little. Ok fine. cheers mate!
  23. Hi Philippe! no I didnt! every single bit is filled in and yet as far as discovering its just an orange line?? might be a glitch I suppose? cheers!
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