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  1. Thanks, i had had a look on PS but could not find that option, and yes I did see that page on Alamy but when i went to find it ..do you think i could...oh well interne has been slow last few days we have some bad weather coming. Thanks for your help i will search again. Barbs
  2. Hi there I would like to try out the Vector section, can you tell who to use to convert my files from jpg to EPS........also what is FTP please.
  3. Hi there Doug thanks for getting back to me, I've been caught up with family and xmas so a bit slow on getting back on Alamy......... well I dragged a pic from Face Book over and it wants me to sign into FB, so when I go back with out signing into FB it just disappears. repeated the process a few times with no luck...did you have to sign in to make it work....thanks Barbs
  4. Hi I am having trouble adding photos to a conversation, the photos I want to use I have not put on ALamy, I don't have a website, I thought Id be able to drag them over but no luck, any ideas thanks folks...ps Happy New Year !!
  5. yep sure did thanks, and I had no end of trouble that day, it was the first time i'd used it for over a year or more. but when I got back on in the afternoon all worked perfectly...go figure, the computer universe is a curious thing...........I do remember I had very poor internet connection tho. thanks for your time. Barbs. thanks Jill. yep I was doing that but just had no end of trouble. I did start out forgetting to do that but soon realised my mistake......but when I did figure it out I still had no end of trouble that day, it was the first time i'd used it for over a year
  6. Hi guys & gals, its been a while since I used Alamy but I am back on board now, well almost. Eveything has changed some for the better, but I am having trouble with the Keywords being assigned to photos I have NOT selected, I must be doing something wrong, I have cleared selections and tried time and again but my pics are one big balls up now, keyword speaking.......help please!!
  7. Hi there, what a buzz to see all the folks from around the world on these forums, I am a newbee and have a few pics up, I have quite a few photos to upload, a lot of rodeo and station life photos though, but I was wondering what you all find sells the best. Hope you all had a great Xmas and all the best for the new year.
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