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  1. Great advice from all, keep it coming. My plan then, is to delete duplicate images first. Next should deleting irrelevant keywords be my aim OR improving titles/captions? both will be my aim together with improving keywords but there’s plenty to take up my free time in the first step!
  2. Great feedback, something I know nothing about is the value of ranking. Does Alamy have an article about it?
  3. I’ve been an Alamy member for a number of years. During that time I’ve added additional services (shutterstock, istock etc.) but have, this month, deleted ALL other accounts as I’m fed up with receiving pennies for a photo when Alamy gives me pounds. I’ve made all my images exclusive and am now looking to keyword all my old photos (from when Alamy only used 5 keywords) and add to my portfolio. I’d welcome advice over key wording and what to shoot considering my style which is hopefully evident from my portfolio. Thanks in advance, Matt. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio
  4. I'm thinking that much of this is comparative. Having travelled to Tanzania and Kenya travelling on local transport and also walking the streets of Manchester, UK or Havana, Cuba (felt remarkably safe there) or even the back streets of Ercolano near Naples, Italy (where I did genuinely worry, hiding my camera and rapidly walking in the opposite direction to the 40 or so people surrounding the one police car in a back alley!) I guess walking around Barcelona would feel relatively normal compared to someone who had only ever been to their local prosperous small town. I really appreciate the
  5. I'm after a little advice. I'm definitely a novice on Alamy, a member for a little under a year, 400+ photos on and 3 sales. I shoot with a 35mm, 23mm and 16mm APS prime (50mm-24mm in 35mm format I think) I'm off to Barcelona, Spain between Christmas and New Year. I'd like any suggestions of the image content that would add to a shot's success on Alamy stock. Matt.
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