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  1. My wife will never understand why I always pack her a nice red sun dress for our holidays!
  2. When you do a search on Alamy to find a little covered destination before booking your holidays.
  3. I had a $1.27 sale today as well, but yesterday I had a PU sale for $50.00!
  4. I recently had a search for a medieval woman, it through up my wife on a medieval bridge, tags included woman and bridge ,I was not popular!
  5. I have made a set up with the small £5 circular led light from B and Q all works well with no banding at all, it is mighty bright allowing f8 at around 1 /250 with iso 200
  6. Just a quick poll, since going exclusive my zooms and sales seem to have come to a standstill just wondered if this is being seen generally, can anyone out there report good sales or at least normal since going exclusive. Conversely if you opted for 40% have your sales increased.
  7. Hi all, off to Poznan Poland for a long weekend next weekend just wondered if any of you have been to this city and what to shoot, also any suggestions for a day out around 1 hour journey would be good, would not mind a trip into the countryside, thanks
  8. Just found an image of Glenfinnan Viaduct by Tomas Marek on the front cover of the Caravan club magazine .
  9. That reminds me of story of mine from a couple of years ago, my wife was sat reading her BBC good food magazine when suddenly she says you could have supplied these photos about Chester at Xmas needles to say they were my photos!
  10. I have made a wonderful piece of kit for holding my Canon 100mm lens lens both square and vertical to the light box , it consists of a portion of a Pringles tube ( 140mm for my 100mm and full frame D5ii) that fits snugly over the filter thread and assuming it is cut nice and square it will hold the camera rock solid just use mirror lock up and 2 sec self timer, I would post photo on here if someone could tell me how to post personal photos!
  11. Thanks for that Mark, it has given me a few ideas!
  12. Could it be that so many sales have come in that the system can't cope with it?
  13. On a serious note the Palace of science and culture is always worth a shot, good at nighttime under floodlights.
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