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  1. Help wanted! I have just accidently deleted the captions to around 1350 images, just wondered if there is any way of getting them back otherwise it is going to be a long winter!
  2. Hi all, just thinking about going over to a mirrorless system, I currently use a Canon 5d m2 with a selection of L series lenses so would really want to keep with a Canon system using their lens adaptor, just wondered if any members had made this move and how they found it? I would be looking at a £1500 budget, thanks
  3. 5 sales for $187, most sales in a month and 2nd highest $ so not complaining!
  4. Quite right! it is not the opera house but is is the Buxton Crescent hotel! now corrected
  5. I have just had the cover on BBC wildlife magazine $35 but still had to buy a copy!
  6. Green Veined White butterfly, just popped up today, most welcome!
  7. Just had this sale, the front cover of June's BBC wildlife magazine but only mid $$
  8. Thanks for all your suggestions great help, I must say my problem does appear to be oil spots rather than dust.
  9. Hi all, just wondering if any of you clean your own censor, my 5D II is due for a clean and and with the fees we are getting I just wondered what sort of a job it was and could anyone recommend a kit? Thanks all.
  10. Just had this 2nd sale of May drop in, Green Veined White butterfly taken in my garden so no need to travel! low $$
  11. My 1st full frame camera was the 5d although I also have moved on to the m2 I do miss the colours that the 5d seemed to produce straight out of the camera.
  12. Hi, I think that is a stipulation for a live news image it has to finish ..../ Alamy live news
  13. That would be fine but the next guy might think I will just have a peep inside.
  14. Sadly the bottom line is that you could have the virus on your hands drive to your church 30 mile away open the door and hey presto virus has spread to that village
  15. Hi all, I appear to have quite a large spot on the censor of my rx100 m1 I did not think you could have marks on a compact camera? any idea if it is possible to clean the censor on these cameras?
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