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  1. One of my highest earners of 2020 was a distributor sale even after all the deductions,
  2. Best year so far for both numbers and revenue but did add 1000 images, 52 sales for $1460 ave $28,
  3. What is this with Japan, I have also just had two sales come in from Japan for $350?
  4. Just the opposite here just had 3 sales come in that will account for a 3rd off my revenue this year! which was already a high.
  5. Just had 3 sales come in amounting to a third of this years revenue! now my best year ever in terms of sales and revenue.,Lets hope this continues into 2021.
  6. Don't think it matters at all, but be aware file names do count when you do a search on your own images in the image manager.
  7. Little Moreton Hall Cheshire just found in countryfile magazine along with two others of mine, nice Xmas present.
  8. Thanks for the help, I think that is how I did it after a bit of trial and error!
  9. I posted this last week but have only just found out how to post a large image! what is the simplest way do do it?
  10. I love all aspects , what I don't like is seeing no sales!
  11. All sorted, not only have those wonderful folks at Alamy got my down load data button working they have re instated all my missing captions! Never have anything bad said about them again!
  12. Thanks for your help Harry, I also saw 542 images but on my way now! not too bad many images can be grouped together for the same caption, lucky all my tags are intact they act as a good prompt to the caption.
  13. Thanks wim, will look in to this later, you have given me some hope! sometimes its not a bad idea to re caption images.
  14. Hi Richard, quite easy really! I had the brainwave to add the tag outdoors to all my images that contained the tag countryside so I selected countryside in the search box that brought up 1300 of my images containing the tag countryside them instead of putting my new tag outdoors in the tag section I put it in the caption box and hit save , job done 1300 images with the caption outdoors! only plus is the fact I still have all my tags in place.
  15. No unfortunately I only add full captions in Alamy image manager
  16. Looks like download data button does not work for me just get an error message, will give Alamy a call in the morning, thanks for your help,
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