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  1. Thanks Philippe, looks like its just the luck of the draw then! would be nice though! Nick
  2. Hi all, trying to understand how the credits to a published photo work, sometimes no credit at all sometimes just Alamy and others photographers name plus Alamy have sold several images now but yet to see a personal credit confused!
  3. Hi all, thanks for the help in getting my image here don't think i got it quite right! but the shot was taken at the recent transport festival in the town of Sandbach uk.
  4. Hi wondered if someone could explain how to add an image to this competition! not done it before
  5. I went along to the races at Bangor on Dee last year, so much hassle from stewards for having a white lens!
  6. Thanks all, looks like I have had it wrong for the last 12 months! just hope it has not affected my sales, 6 sales last 12 months with average of 500 images, could this have been more?
  7. Hi folks just been wondering if I am using the right colour space in my camera, I have my 5D 11 set to sRGB is this ok or would Adobe RGB be better suited to selling on Alamy? would be grateful for you thoughts.
  8. Roger Tamblyn / The Caravan Club magazine March, Boating on the river Stour
  9. I tried to take my camera kit into the speedway GP in Warsaw last year, nearly ended up losing gear to a steward! had to do a lot of sweet talking!
  10. I have just found one of my images in a July 2016 UK magazine but no report of a sale so far! Is this normal or should I be chasing it up? Would grateful for any help.
  11. Could some kind soul please explain to me how "have you seen any photo on Alamy works"! I have just read that i had a photo published in the NFU magazine Countryside in July 16, I have just managed to get hold of the said magazine and having seen my photo with no credit for myself or Alamy I fail to understand how the image was reported on our forum! Sure one of you kind folk will enlighten me.
  12. Finally went on to the new system today I know I had around 12 images waiting to be key worded in the old system but I do not know where find them in the new one! please help!.
  13. What is the highest ctr on here? mine is 0.89 but i have no idea if this is good or not!
  14. What Alamy must never forget is that without their photographers they no longer have a business!
  15. Me to cant help it! also got 70 images to keyword over holidays.
  16. I was thinking of upgrading from my 5D2 to a D3 while they are still available but after reading the above posts not so sure it is worth it only taken around 20,000 shots, what do you folks think?.
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