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  1. Had this sale today, a few years old as well , Mid $$, horse ball match in France most exiting sport!
  2. Best year here also 79 sales for $2154, average $27.21, added 1000 new images. 52 sales for $1400 in 2020 so average sale up around $1 per image No complaints here either
  3. My first ever sale of a black and white image, taken at the Malpas steam rally a couple of years ago $$$ and my second $$$ sale in the last week, nice end to the year.
  4. Please remind me how to get a large image on here? I have done it before but always struggle!
  5. Wine fountain on the Camino de Santiago with a little help from the wife! $$$ very nice for Xmas
  6. I don't think you can rename a image after uploading it, I have many where the fie name has nothing to do with the image eg summer holiday 2021, I wonder if it really matters?
  7. Perhaps there could be an option to opt out of package sales?
  8. Just had the exact same sale come in $0 .18 what is it all about?
  9. Beautiful photos Ana, a lot of my sales come from my annual 3 week holiday in Spain so plenty of scope for sales for you, think it is a beautiful country once you get in the countryside, trying to decide which part to visit next Spring?
  10. Just had a three week caravan touring holiday in Spain and came home to the same stats as when I left!
  11. I wonder if we could keep our 50% commission if we use Sony system?
  12. Summary for 01 June 2021 to 01 July 2021 ( 5 item(s) totalling $199.12 ) so $40 per image
  13. Little Moreton Hall Cheshire sold Friday (from a public footpath!)
  14. Posted 1 hour ago (edited) Sold today for one off print use Internal business usage, Corporate or residential setting, one print in one location, any size, life of display , never heard of that one? Little Moreton Hall Cheshire
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