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  1. There are clearly arguments for and against correction, whether it's done by using a specialist lens or by software such as shiftN. If it's a good image of an interesting subject, why not submit two versions, thereby appealing to more potential buyers?. I have an ancient second-hand Pentax perspective control lens which I find very cumbersome. The first time I put an image through shift N and saw the correction version I burst out in appreciative laughter at the power and simplicity of it.
  2. OK, here we go. My problem has been explained and its solution put in place. It's probably going crop up from time to time. I didn't know that one could change the criteria for deciding which types of filed images are normally going to be visible, and in what order they're going to be. I never looked into it because the default 'rules' suited me. At some point after Windows 10 arrived the criteria settings were changed, probably by some interaction between the part of the software around these decisions and something else. So the problem was fixed, and more importantly, when it appeared again a couple of days later, it was fixed again, this time by me, in 30 seconds. And we have a new, and competent computer expert in the area. Thank you all for your contributions. Geoff
  3. Thank you both for your responses. I shall take with me the points you've raised when I visit the computer man I've been introduced to. The fact that you're raising plausible and implicitly solvable explanations for what has happened is encouraging. Geoff
  4. Thanks for your reply Jill. The "missing" JPEG's are still in the computer, I can access them in the sort of folders that came with the computer and with my camera and do little more than store picturers, but I don't know how to get them back where I need them, and because I'm so ignorant about how all of this fits together I'm reluctant to do anything too dramatic. Since I put up my original post I've been told by someone who runs a local website that a new business which repairs computer hardware and software has opened in a town 30 or so kms away. I've spoken to the owner and described the symptoms and he says that he thinks that it must be due to a clash between Windows 10 and software which was already installed. I hope to go and see him on Friday. Yours Geoff
  5. Like others who've posted here, my experience of installing Windows 10 was tantamount to an ambush. At the end of a long day when I was about to turn off my PC. I ticked an option which was immediately ignored. I have a major problem with Windows 10. I've been working on 2 very large folders of photographs in Photoshop Elements 6, for the first few days the only difference was that the RAW copies instead of being just a logo were changed into miniatures identical to those of the JPEGs, but as the JPEG was always to the right of the RAW, this was manageable. But then each of these folders, after I'd been in and out of them many times, and made several uploads to Alamy, suddenly, but not simultaneously, stopped showing the JPEGs altogether, so that I can't work on them any more. Until this happened the entire set-up had worked normally. I'm not a computer expert, and so have no idea what DirectPlay is and whether I can access it and whether it will help, but I obviously will look into this. Furthermore I can't make any use of Cortona because I live in France and although I speak the language well enough to conduct normal business face to face, I'm not going to talk to a machine in French. has no-one told Microsoft that quite a lot of people live in countries other than the one they were born in?
  6. Since Windows 10 arrived JPEGs are disappearing from the files of photographs I'm working on. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions?
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