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  1. Most of my photos are travel related too and I’ve had my best month ever! Huge thanks to Alamy as one was $$$$ for a book cover. Always look on the bright side because sometimes the best sellers are not always fantastic arty images! Well done to you David!
  2. https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/photography/2019/05/these-20-islands-are-adventurers-dream?fbclid=IwAR0stE3xqoBUNpGrbyyHoRE6al_0pnlB5OlFqOWXAajPjj7AxHqMcdkoceU some of our photos here including one of mine
  3. A couple of weeks ago I had my first QC fail in about 4 years but still received a Passed email.. now that was confusing!
  4. Sometimes its a long wait! One of my images used last October on a well known travel site showed up at the end of June and then another there's another wait for payment.. for the price of a coffee!
  5. A big thank you to Bryan and gvallee for spotting my images. It's quite exciting to find myself on the forum.
  6. As I live in the Peak District I often take photos using my husband as a model when we are out walking. I downloaded a model release form but it seems all rather complicated to fill it in each time i have a few photos to upload. Is there any quick way?
  7. I'm sure I've read somewhere before on the forum that about 3000 images are needed and must admit I think this is a reasonable amount. I now get zooms most days and sell enough to call it making money. The trick is having good, unique and unusual images as much as quantity.
  8. Many thanks for all your helpful and interesting replies.
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