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  1. I have my 5d with 28-300 around my neck most of the time when travelling . It is heavy so I tend to hold it like you do a baby in a sort of cradling position. I usually have it in a rucksack when not round my neck but have just bought a new bag by Crumpler which I am really pleased with. It is super light and they have a large range of different styles. My kit fits in without being dismantled too and it doesnt look like a camera bag.
  2. Most of my photos are travel related too and I’ve had my best month ever! Huge thanks to Alamy as one was $$$$ for a book cover. Always look on the bright side because sometimes the best sellers are not always fantastic arty images! Well done to you David!
  3. https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/photography/2019/05/these-20-islands-are-adventurers-dream?fbclid=IwAR0stE3xqoBUNpGrbyyHoRE6al_0pnlB5OlFqOWXAajPjj7AxHqMcdkoceU some of our photos here including one of mine
  4. A couple of weeks ago I had my first QC fail in about 4 years but still received a Passed email.. now that was confusing!
  5. Sometimes its a long wait! One of my images used last October on a well known travel site showed up at the end of June and then another there's another wait for payment.. for the price of a coffee!
  6. A big thank you to Bryan and gvallee for spotting my images. It's quite exciting to find myself on the forum.
  7. As I live in the Peak District I often take photos using my husband as a model when we are out walking. I downloaded a model release form but it seems all rather complicated to fill it in each time i have a few photos to upload. Is there any quick way?
  8. I'm sure I've read somewhere before on the forum that about 3000 images are needed and must admit I think this is a reasonable amount. I now get zooms most days and sell enough to call it making money. The trick is having good, unique and unusual images as much as quantity.
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