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  1. Alamy replied to contributors: "We’re aware that this changes the commission incentive for many contributors to sell exclusively with us, although there will be the benefit of potential infringements revenue as exclusive images will be given a higher priority in any work going on in this area." Alamy mentioned infringement(s) eight times within their response to contributor's questions but what they did not inform contributors of is, what benefit there will be for them. Q. When Alamy discover an infringement, are they intending to penalise the user of the image, that is, charge them mo
  2. Recent Alamy Content Tweet. So Alamy Content are now encouraging its Contributors to run along railway tracks.??? "We're loving the cinematic feel to this image.⁠ ⁠Be inspired to capture this style in your own photography Camera ⁠Image ID: D3PRF7 // elena dorfman"
  3. Thanks to meanderingemu and Matt Ashmore for replying to this thread. I have tried holding my breath Matt but it appears that Mr Masterton is too busy zooming up and down the M8 to reply. Disappointed I never even got a thumbs up or is it the finger. meanderingemu wrote, "Considering UK just had a clarification to Police that Professional News Photographers are essential service". The caption in question does not state that the Photographer in the photo was a Live News Photographer, so could the caption lead the viewer to the conclusion that the guy is out without good reason
  4. January 2020 is a lot closer than my uncleared sale from June 2019 and I am aware of two other Photographers waiting for several uncleared images to be paid one as from as far back as January 2019. Times and Sun somebody at Alamy oviously fell asleep on the job.
  5. Hi, Noticed the caption below on an image uploaded to Live News yesterday, I wonder how many contributors would have included Alamy photographer in the caption and if they would why, what value does it bring to the image? Thanks in anticipation, for your thoughts. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 31 March, 2020. Despite Coronavirus lockdown members of the public are outside exercising and relaxing on Portobello promenade in Edinburgh. Pictured; Alamy photographer takes photo on Portobello beach. Iain Masterton/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BBGGJC
  6. Colblimp, you made the correct decision. This was the reply I received from Alamy "We have heard back from our team regarding this questionable personal use who explained we have now closed down this case at our end. The sale has now been refunded at the request of the customer as it turns out they thought they were actually buying a bottle of Cassis. It sounds silly, but you’d be surprised at how often it happens." Aye right, anyone who believes that is on some kind of substance.
  7. Does not appear to be many recent landscapes in your portfolio KM?
  8. Hi, Bit of a newbie here, does anyone besides Alamy know what IQ stands for
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