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  1. Has anyone else had any weird "disappearing" images where something that has been zoomed now goes to effectively a 404 page? I have a zoom from the last month which doesn't bbring up an image when i click on it - the reference is 2AOJHW , which also gives no result in search! I haven't deleted any images recently. IF only they'd make it easy to include images in posts, i could show you a screen shot *sigh*
  2. I just logged on to also ask whether anyone has found shooting to the "what should i shoot" list (as against looking for zero result queries in AoA), because when i randomly checked a couple of the terms they had plenty of decent quality existing results! For example, El Rey Ruins is on the list currently, as is St James Hotel and Club. Both perfectly well covered when you do a normal search. So, is there any point at all in looking at that list?!
  3. Ah, I wonder then whether "publication" would include putting the images on websites, social media etc, in which case for someone looking to use them as part of his art / portfolio, they would be next to useless. Maybe that's what he meant and the subtleties got lost in translation. He did definitely talk about a case in which someone in a crowd recognised themselves in an image used online, and successfully sued. Sorry, my inaccuracy
  4. I think we can let them off, if they are German. I learned at a Street Photography festival recently, that in Germany their privacy laws actually do forbid taking identifiable photos of others without their permission, even in the most public of public spaces. The guy saying so was a German street photographer (masochism or what), so I guess he'd likely be correct. (Totally off topic but I was really surprised by that, maybe everyone else knows, but worth bearing in mind if you're travelling in Germany!!)
  5. I did exactly that because my neck and shoulders are shot to hell from an old whiplash injury. I love my Fujis (an X Pro and a teency X-A2 i almost bought as a toy and now end up using most of the time) but you're so right about the lenses. I spend a LOT of time faffing between the 18mm , 35mm and the 55-200. Having said that, as i'd ground to a halt with taking my big old Canon setup out with me almost ever, I am still getting 100% more shots than I would have with a camera left at home in the cupboard
  6. Ok thanks - I'm sure the FT are doing things properly, so I'll keep an eye out for the next few months!
  7. Hi folks An image of mine appeared in the online edition of the FT a couple of days back. (The link is here, but it's firewalled so may not work, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to insert a screenshot here! https://www.ft.com/content/ace1dbe0-7ece-11e8-8e67-1e1a0846c475 ) The image in question has been licensed quite a few times, but never for anything saying "newspaper". One license says "single company multiple use, editorial only" but doesn't say who the company was. So, with the vagueness of the license detail, how can I know whether this usage was legitimate or not? Is it reasonable to report it to Alamy as a possible infringement and ask them to confirm whether they have a sale logged to the FT? Thanks, Kate
  8. Firmly agree with this! The vast majority of what I put on Alamy is exclusive, because I think they are the agency coming closest to protecting reasonable prices - moreso with the optouts of the cheapie schemes. More revenue for us is also more revenue for Alamy, and if a client wants a particular image and it's not available elsewhere, I'm quite sure they'll be able to find the additional few quid
  9. Right, i've opted out of the newspaper scheme, but apparently can't deal with the Distribution bit until next April. Annoying - arguably i should have read some small print more carefully, but it doesn't mean much until you see the numbers in practise....
  10. Yes this is exactly what i was getting at, really. I also don't subscribe to "every little helps" - it doesn't, quite honestly, in the face of current living expenses, it helps the buyer a very great deal more than it helps us! Especially when the image in question is actually unique on Alamy (it is - i went out and shot it specifically to fill a stock gap) and wouldn't be likely to even be accepted on those "other" cheapo sites because it's not in their style. I also won't put my images with the s***stocks of this world for the same reason. I only have a small portfolio and i'd be the first to admit they're not worldbeatingly good, but that isn't the point - I don't want to feed the race to the bottom. OK so opting out of the "newspaper scheme" and "distributor sales" is the best way to knock this on the head - that's fine by me. I've edited the original post to take the prices out, although i don't really understand what the issue is since the buyers seem to have all the clout anyway - is the problem that Buyer B sees the stupidly low numbers that Buyer A got and insists on it also?
  11. I've just had two sales drop in for the end of last month, with usage as follows: First one: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 2 million Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 May 2018 End: 02 May 2018 Any placement in paper and online. One use in a single editorial article used within the print and digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Second one: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 2 million Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 May 2018 End: 02 May 2018 Any placement in paper and online. One use in a single editorial article used within the print and digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Sale value (before comms!!) is a very small number indeed. I have all my images set as rights managed and exclude personal use, so as to try and avoid the "peanuts" sales, and apart from a couple of online only sales this is by far the lowest number i've seen come up. Another sale for what looks like the same purposes, but for Switzerland, came through at approximately ten times the amount last month. So first question: is there any logic to these prices., or do Alamy just generate random numbers on the fly?! And second question, is there any way of setting a minimum price for each image?
  12. Presentation, for a magnificent $13 (before all the deductions. I must start a thread on trying to understand the "My Account" tab at some point, i seem to be paying commission to half the world on some shots ) Still, taken within 1/4 mile of my flat, so that's nice.
  13. Thankyou Wim, very helpful thoughts. I've not got to grips at all with the Pseudonym idea (strategically i mean, i know what it is but just hadn't worked out if / how it could help!) In answer to your first question, i do genuinely think there is a chance that a pic of the FCA headquarters being built might be needed to illustrate a story at some point in the next year or so. It's the "headline act" of a major new post-Olympic regeneration in London, so it's more about that that people wanting to illustrate the FCA as an organisation. I struggle a bit with the quantity vs quality thing. All the images you commented on, except one, were taken on "once in a lifetime" type trips. If i only posted shots of that quality i'd probably be dead before my port hit 100, and I keep being told volume is key...and lots of the contributors here have plenty of "normal" pics in their ports (ie, technically correct, but not obviously of massive interest or anything you'd want to hang on your wall!). So what I'm thinking is, I'll move those shots which are unexciting but quite niche - often they are shots of things locally that i've taken to fill gaps on AoA - into a new Pseudo, and keep the "better" shots on the Pseudo i already use. Unless there's a reason to do it the other way around?! Starting to rock slightly here, the more i think about this the more it starts to feel like figuring out SEO for my other business. Which feels like a neverending road to insanity whenever i engage with it I'm sorry to be clueless but you've lost me a little on the last part - what is stemming? How should I check for it in AoA? thanks again
  14. Do you think you're sales and zooms are of your best images? Or of your mediocre or worst images? Have you had lots of views of subjects that have not been zoomed? Are your images as good as the ones that did get zooms and sales? It's three shots that have sold, mainly. One is (slightly depressingly, from a "how do i do more of that" POV) an image I alone (or almost alone, give or take a handful of neighbours) could have taken, because the height of my balcony gives me a unique view over that particular area. It's not a bad shot, though. The others, both of the same subject, were total "grab shots" done in passing while I was travelling and which I nearly deleted from my camera. Then it occurred to me that they could usefully be used to illustrate something, and I don't think there's much on the same subject available on Alamy. They are far from great shots, though. The views / zooms I'm less sure of. I get LOTS of views for keywords which, although they need to be on the shots they are on, aren't ever going to be the "archetype" for that shot. They'd only lead to a sale if a user was searching for them combined with other keywords. For example H35KJT, which is the new Financial Conduct Authority HQ being built near me. The keyword "FCA" has to be on it, but most people searching "FCA" are looking for the current HQ with the signage on it, i'd have thought. However if for some reason someone did want the *new* place, they'd probably search "FCA" + "stratford" or "international quarter" or "olympic park". Still, i have to have "FCA" on it. Consequently my CTR has gone way down from where it was 6 months ago. Is there a cure for this?!
  15. You seem to be doing pretty well sales wise. My fancy studio lighting is basically a window, some reflectors, and one off camera strobe. A great place to start is the http://strobist.blogspot.com Your "studio" shots look great to me, especially the food ones which my few dabblings with have been terrible. Maybe it's the styling, I just don't have the eye for arranging things nicely?! I don't know.
  16. I'm just past my first year, too. Alessandra you have done much better than I at building up your portfolio! I think I spend too much time second guessing what to take pictures of...I've beaten AoA to death for gaps in my local area, but still struggle for volume because I've never really mastered indoor / studio lighting. Anyway my stats are: Images online: Just under 200, a few just waiting for update Sales: $331 gross, 4 sales. One of the sales accounted for $200 of that, but it was my first one so very exciting. All been downhill since then
  17. Thanks guys! Jeff that looks to be a match to my eyes - it seemed like a very distinctive shape, if you had any idea what you were looking at (I didn't). Wim, thanks for the business spot - I didn't remember seeing the signage at the time, in fact for some reason i thought the place was closed down. Bit more google checking though suggests that Kent's Exhausts is still alive and kicking as a business, so will drop that in too - cheers. Great little place for getting random stock shocks, that town - i had a stack of old railway carriages from the railyard, including interiors, but didn't make enough notes at the time (or frame them up for stock rather than arty impressionism) because I was on holiday and forgot myself for a moment
  18. Hi, would any of you US-based smart folk be able to identify the rusted car in this shot? http://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt=H79K29&imgt=0 thankyou Kate
  19. The other thing to bear in mind is that one Alamy sale may be worth a hundred at microstock, so although more patience is needed here, it will hopefully pay off in the longer term! I have a handful of images with that very big microstock agency and started making sales within a few days of upload. I think i've had about 25 sales now - but my total revenue is about $30 after 5 months. Whereas I made my first sale with Alamy last week and it's for $200. I have a lot more images at Alamy (but still not loads!) because I made an "in principle" decision a few weeks in that I'd prefer to sell one image at a reasonable rate than a hundred at insulting rates, so I haven't uploaded anything to microstock since about November. There is the odd image I have that is blatantly more commercial than it is editorial, and I agonise a bit over whether to pimp it out to microstock. You might want to try dividing up your collection so that the more "editorial" stuff only comes to Alamy (after all why would a buyer purchase here if you've also put it on Crappystock for 0.001pence) and leave the backgrounds etc on the microstock sites?
  20. *SIGH* I have that same, apparently superb, BenQ panel....sitting in a box in my spare room for the last 2 months. Be super careful that your PC will be able to drive the full resolution of anything you buy. I thought I'd checked all the boxes - graphics card capability etc - before buying, but it turns out that despite the thing having HDMI connectors, only a Display port will actually give the full 2560. Which my laptop doesn't have, so I'm now into a complete system upgrade
  21. Thanks gents! If only the current crop weren't the sum total of over 5 years' shooting...admittedly not with stock in mind, but ohmigosh i was shocked at how few of what's stored on my hard drive would have passed QA! Hence I think this will be a really good learning exercise either way. David - the nasty microstocks are doing their bit to dissuade me. The large one in particular has a truly comedic approach to QA - the Southbank silhoutte sunset shot was rejected for "poor lighting". Out of any 3 shots of the same subject, one will get rejected for allegedly infringing IP, the other two won't. And on it goes. Not worth the time to upload frankly, after a minor dabble i think i'll be forgetting about those. Email Member Services, explain the situation, and ask if they can change it for you. They may say re-submit but you might as well at least try. Alan Okay here goes, worth a shot! Thanks.
  22. Ahhhh no I didn't appreciate that those were subject stats rather than mine. That would explain why it said 0 zooms on the summary page before I clicked into the pseudonyms section. ..I just thought I had changed the date range or something. Mystery solved, then I'm on the mobile so can't quote easily, but thanks to everyone for the other tips too. Spacecadet sadly no that isn't Abney. It's the considerably lesser searched Tower Hamlets Cemetary park - from the same era as Highgate, Abney etc but without the profile! Robert - amazing bug ID! Yes now you mention it it was a lily beetle, the sods had just devastated my bulbs and I thought I might as well get a shot out of it. In general I know I need a gazillion more images and will probably never get that far. But I'm not really expecting to earn, it'd be a nice bonus, but I'm using this to discipline improving my shots. Already enabling the horizon level indicator and resisting the urge to shoot everything at f1.8 (result: nothing ever in focus) has paid great dividends
  23. So, yesterday I spent an un-fruitful afternoon getting to grips with the All Alamy tool in Alamy Measures. My rational conclusion was that I had slightly more chance of being hit by lightening than ever selling anything - based on the fact that, say, there's been maybe 2 or 3 searches for most of my topics in the past year, with maybe 2,000 images competing for the results. Anyway. Today I had a look at my measures and this pic has had 6,715 views in the last few weeks, and 16 zooms. Obviously it hasn't sold because it's largely without merit - I couldn't rescue the blown out highlights, and to be honest I only uploaded it because I was annoyed with myself for the amount of "not up to scratch" shots from that trip and it was one of the few i thought might pass inspection on the focus front! But my point is, when i went onto Picniche just out of interest and had a look at "ginger cat", it came up with an index of 4.3, which broadly correlates to "your chances of anyone ever seeing that shot are equivalent to those of catching Ebola in the same week you win the lottery AND get struck by lightening". Or to put it another way, I'd have pretty much staked my life savings on that image never seeing the light of day ever. Ho hum. On a slightly related matter, can anyone tell me how a new contributor with no past "form" can improve their Ranking enough for a particular photo to show up on the first page or two of search results, when there will inevitably be thousands of photos ahead of them for that keyword? The time I spent playing with Alamy Measures yesterday pretty much convinced me that there's no viable (ie actually has searches, if not sales!) keyword left in the universe which doesn't already have hundreds of shots against it...
  24. I use a Fuji xpro as my main camera these days, and have been carrying a small, cheap collapsible "travel tripod" that ran me a few quid on ebay. Fully extended it's very nearly the hight of my full size one (which i never, ever carry). Now obvioustly it's a cheap, flimsy piece of rubbish, but it's still 100% better than my shaky hands and will work provided there's no suggestion of a breeze! In fact i managed to get some half decent night shots from the Empire State building using it, much to the jealousy of other photographers up there who had their "proper" tripods confiscated on the way in. As it's the size of a compact umbrella when folded down, they didn't even notice it in my bag and i was able to whip it out in a crowd and get some sneaky shots! It's pretty similar to this (and yes again, I am fully aware it's absolute rubbish!!) : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ex-Pro-Lightweight-Travel-Tripod-Spirit-Level-suitable-for-all-digital-cameras-/331049527040?hash=item4d1416e700:g:VXoAAOSwVFlUK4mQ
  25. Okay, I guess they are in the Q for deletion then. They'd gone through the entire process and were visible for sale, so it's too late for me to try any of the other suggestions, helpful though they were! Other than making me look a bit incompetent if someone views my entire portfolio, does it matter enough to be worth bothering member services with? No luck on the avatar thing. Guess i'll just have to remain anonymous
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