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  1. it makes it much much harder for buyers to look for what they need, wastes their time. noise and non related images also in a way led to live news being restricted to a few as the feature was being abused i believe; made it really difficult for the rest of us who got caught in the crossfire and which really desired that option, now closed off.
  2. At the end i casually mention... "also, the website is open to all so you do get a lot of noise and stuff getting uploaded so you do have to have something that is more unique, and higher quality than the other stuff to stand a chance. " ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. for the average general purpose portfolio, just have to be patient. when i started, i was trying to figure this out--still am--and didn't figure anything will sell, left it alone. then a few things sold, and my interest picked up again, so i started devoting a lot more to it in terms of quantity and quality. it's not a get rich quick scheme unless youre part of that group with special portfolios of stuff that's in high demand. also, the website is open to all so you do get a lot of noise and stuff getting uploaded so you do have to have something that is more unique, and higher quality than
  4. if it really bothers you, can't you simply just crop more toward the right; once you clone and remove items no matter how small, then you can't ethically sell it as an editorial.
  5. yes, looks like a bug. images are seven digits now, yet the "zoomed" thumbnail and follow-thru url in the pseudonym summary page still expects a six digit id, or that it truncates any id number greater than six digits in length.
  6. buyers buy images that fit the project they are doing. advertising, news, travel, etc. you also have competition. the photographer with the better image, and better keywording will edge out the competition. > But the thing is with, this country or state of Wisconsin. It seems we here in the US rather rely on people that work in the media not with stock sites. Because they don't want to be paying for someones work they don't know. some community newspapers have staff photographers or people they rely on that they know. Stock sites exist to fill that need for a ge
  7. same here. had an image of this that was refunded after a few months interestingly, i checked images google for it, found a 100px thumbnail of something pecular it was a video still from a uk newspaper site, wrong country where image was licensed and refunded. google was able to yield a larger thumbnail. followed a rabbit trail and found an unauthorized use from 2015 by the telegraph uk as i had no sale of this back then. they cut half the image and stuck text on it but i can tell it's mine
  8. likely same person buying all these vancouver imagery brought one of mine of granville island public market, same license.
  9. photo by Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden no individual photo credit apparently it's the Times online and they credit photo agencies or something. pacific press is a news agency that uploads (the best) pics from photographers to various other photo agencies including getty and alamy. i tried pacific press, and it pays nothing. whatever pacific press earns from selling a photo on getty, or alamy, etc. it takes its commission, and sends the rest to the uploader only if they meet a certain (big) dollar level threshold. i think i've sold 1-2 photos through pacific press, and
  10. the caption of the alamy photo said it was a print exhibition, and one of the visible keywords was nadav, although print buyers don't really look at the keywords btw, google doesn't crop anything.
  11. 7 sales $423, all except 1 was a storefront image. Ctr for these subset of images is 2.4
  12. how much are you earning altogether with the other agencies? most of my portfolio is editorial, and I've gotten 50 sales since jan which is not great, but ok; i just feel i could do more sales if maybe some of the images were maybe more engaging with the audience, but that requires sitting at a location for far longer than i want to. as for prices, most of the sales were double digits spread evenly like a bell curve, with one sale from nutella germany that was 2660.
  13. $$$ Country: United StatesUsage: EditorialMedia: Newspaper - nationalPrint run: up to 500,000Placement: Inside and onlineImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 April 2019End: 02 April 2019Rights include 1 week on home/subsidiary pages on editorial website in a single article & archived rights in perpetuity (image may be used multiple times on the website providing it is used within the same context/article)
  14. somebody picked up 4 storefronts for mid $$ each. from the photos chosen, i'm guessing a travel guide for millennials. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Country: WorldwideUsage: Retail book. Editorial print + digital use. One time use onlyIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 20 May 2019End: 20 May 2026
  15. your images have really excellent composition. yeah, QC is slow as F..... f-stop 22. the last day to upload stock before the people go home on the weekends is thursday morning the latest. anything after thursday morning, you will have to wait until monday for it to pass, or tuesday if it's a "bank holiday"
  16. it's useless. i contributed a few items, including new items added to list, and no views, no feedback. checked the all of alamy (AoA) and whatever searches were for those subjects, it seemed a one off event, and that customer is not coming back. however some of the subject matter did let me explore some areas which i would never consider going to.
  17. funds from a rare "Usage: Advertising and promotion" sale just cleared, don't have to worry about it.
  18. find a niche, and stick with it if you're successful; plus experiment with new techniques and ideas/subjects; and be flexible and ready for the unexpected, or at least try and make the most of a situation when you're not ready.
  19. I was in Berlin for the future for Friday climate March, and had a pic of Nobel prize nominated Greta T in front holding up a sign. I would have filed this, but didn't as I had some field issues. And in general Ihave covered other big and small protest marches in the past, are such events no longer newsworthy? Th problem is stuff like this doesn't sell BECAUSE alamy doesn't have the right buyers for them, all the buyers are looking on getty, yet photographers like me are being penalized because they don't have, or have few live news sales, and I've been patient. We shouldn't be penalized be
  20. i doubt the live news team is ever going to read these forums, but i say this is unfair. i occasionally do spot news when i come across it, bigger protest events that are non uk, european based. when i upload them here to alamy, they never sell I think due to alamy not having the right buyers for them. maybe 1-2 of the images might later get sold as a stock by a non news education/editorial buyer. however, i would like to have the option to upload such images and at least have a chance for somebody to at least glance at them and see if they would work with their newspaper or wh
  21. found it. https://www.nutella.com/de/de/guten-morgen-fruehstuecksreise the other images are not alamy.
  22. One of my storefronts photos sold for low $$$$ for a German billboard/transit ad. I happen to be in Germany now, but leaving before it supposedly runs.
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