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  1. Just got hassled for taking a photo from the sidewalk of a store in Harlem usa. Was on a long streak of not getting hassled, today broke that streak. This store "best market" was purchased by Lidl, and in a year or two may convert to lidl colors; they come out and tell me I can't take pics of the store, obviously now I have to waste my energy and tell them I'm on the sidewalk several times. Hoping this young man doesn't come out and violrntly confront me as I've had encounters like it in the past with people in this toxic NYC. Later got hassled elsewhere in Harlem. I dont know, Harlem is ge
  2. The Madrid image however does have the invoice bit: View your order summary at: https://www.alamy.com/Order-summary.asp?OrderID={C14226BB-7837-460B-9AAE-0F5B99168F0B} Your Ref: Código Único DY39833709 Downloaded: 04 February 2020 Image ID: R0XJDE can somebody verify this image again, i don't see the alamy invoicing on the pic (it should be located in the iptc, special instructions box)
  3. Just wait until you get a few of these $3 specials (buyer: theculturetrip.com) Usage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Travel & tourismImage Size: Any sizeStart: 14 February 2020End: 14 February 2025Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity
  4. I did that last week with giuliani/guiliani and included both in the keywords of a photo.
  5. I found one photo of mine a few months ago where the newspaper didn't strip the iptc data. in the description tab, the caption box contained the alamy photo id; in the special instructions box was the alamy invoice url, the alamy ref id for that sale. in the credits/origin tab, the boxes were contained the alamy url, the city alamy is located in abingdon, oxfordshire, and the alamy photo id.
  6. alamy and pa media partying so hard and hungover after the valentine's day purchase they didn't notice the servers on fire
  7. I just got a bunch of these $3 in perpetuity yesterday. Last week has two usages each at $5 non perpetuity; the webpage they were using them had 3 of my images, yet two reported as sales. tried to complain to Big Al about the missing sale, but was told to wait 3 months before reporting the missing sale ($5 maybe $3). I'm not in the novel use scheme. Again hope theculturetrip company goes out of biz within 5 years. They maximized usages of another one of my images on different 9 webpages/lists lol yet not reported as a sale.
  8. Yeah makes whoever has reportage access more wary, akin to letting a dog wander just enough before the leash gets taut.
  9. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Travel & tourismImage Size: Any sizeStart: 14 February 2020End: 14 February 2025Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity a bunch of these $3 theculturetrip forever licenses. Hopefully this company goes out of biz in 5 yrs 🤞
  10. uploaded a few photos Friday 7am GMT and as of yet, no server update, not 24 hrs.
  11. bring a business card just for fun, at one their nyc photo shows I've seen them setup a fishbowl for business cards under the guise of possibly winning a raffle of100% commission for one year.
  12. A person fills a water bottle from a public water fountain dispensing carbonated water in Paris, France A rain garden filled with wild flowers on a sidewalk near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY. Participants near the finish of a mud pit challenge just as their art bike collapses underneath them in 2019 Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby in Philadelphia, PA. The Derby highlights human powered transportation, sustainable local development, and the artistic and maker community.
  13. no, but i've seen these two threads where people do use it, but not using a tripod DIY slide holder (horizontal, cheap as chips) https://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1237864 DIY copy stand (vertical, more expensive setup) https://forums.negativelabpro.com/t/lets-see-your-dslr-film-scanning-setup/27/36 another using a copy stand https://www.paulroark.com/BW-Info/Copy-setup.jpg you can also do it with a tripod like this DIY setup, but the camera has to be absolutely level, and the slide media has to be
  14. tunnel effect=possibility of vignetting. i have the 100mm 2.8L macro and to get it to work with the ES-1 will require a stepdown ring from 67mm to 62mm and enough extension to get to minimum focus (1:1 copy ratio is available at minimum focus) which is 11.5inches from the subject to the focal plane, or ~5.5inches from the subject to the front of the lens. however, using a stepdown ring can lead to vignetting. i tried this with a toilet paper tube (45mm diameter) and there was some slight vignetting. the ES-1 is sized to fit a 52mm filter thread, it's not a problem if
  15. thanks for spotting this. it's wierd, but one of the things I wanted to see in Paris were the water fountains that dispensed sparkling water. biked to this spot, saw somebody filling up.
  16. So a few days ago I emailed an alamy boss asking about this. in the end they rerouted the email to one of the picture editors for investigation. they found it unusual my email to news@alamy.com simply disappeared, and that something happened when I was able to leave a voice message, but they don't know where the message disappeared to. In a nutshell, both contacts to the news desk "failed". They said they have sent a ticket to their IT department to investigate..
  17. I just called the live news number listed on the alamy contact us page +44 1235 844690 at 13:21 EST, 1 hr 30 min ago. I got a busy signal, phone number not available spiel, and to leave a message. I left a message, mentioned the email and submission number. I asked for a resolution on this matter. skeptical if i will get a call back. i'm not going to call them again as the world has moved on, and what happened hours ago is apparently not an urgent matter anymore. they dropped the ball, andigot screwed. so looks like i have to pick myself up and move on.
  18. i'll try calling that "live news number" next time, but i doubt anything will happen. it's after midnight in the usa, and in europe they are just waking up. and even if i do get a voicemail, i don't expect them to return the call. do i even bother with this anymore? maybe i should just dump live news into twitter for free and hope somebody sees it. and you wonder why so-called "working professionals" complain about falling rates. i'll update this if i ever get a response to that email i sent them last night.
  19. They are not there around the clock. I was getting back from a day trip from Philly yesterday. passed by a big fire happening in ny chinatown at 8:50pm. The 1st due fire truck and ladder passed arrived, was able to get a good spot, take some photos, caption etc, upload them as a general stock submission, have them pass, and have them sit there until about the next database update occurs (as of typing this) in the next 24+hrs so they would be searchable. Because I'm not in live news, I emailed news@alamy.com last night at 12am asking if they would be interested in these photos a
  20. Ended 2019 with 101 sales, nearly double the amount of sales reported in 2018. Added ~1100 new images in 2019, but only 6 of those new images resulted in a sale, most of the licenses were from photos taken and added in 2018. 101 sales, with one sizable $$$$ license.
  21. > I'm just surprised that as a paid partner Alamy are happy with them pushing freebies gimme a f break. the fight to counter climate change is more important than you or I getting paid.
  22. hold the camera against columns, pillars, chairs, etc. or walk in there with a limp and a monopod/walking stick.
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