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  1. I started the same way, with a very small portfolio and just completely forgot about this place ages ago until I got a payment one day.then I came back and started being more serious contributing more and improving. I briefly looked at microstock, but they pay pennies. I wasn't going to do all that work, go through all the hassle for pennies, and have my work exploited and devalued at the same time. Alamy is good, accessible, and they pay ok. If you have something in demand, some people will be willing to pay for it; even gotten a quick $2600 sale (30 day license) once on Alamy from a billi
  2. Country: FloridaUsage: EditorialMedia: Museum display (single use) I guess educational material in support of an upcoming C Paul Jennewein exihibit. https://tampamuseum.org/upcoming-exhibitions/ Taken in April 2020 with very few people hanging out in front.
  3. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/2020/06/what-protest-pictures-can-reveal-history/ a good read "A photograph can show a truth and yet contain within it a monstrous lie."
  4. speaking of coronavirus, the USA still has a pandemic going on. In nyc specifically, healthcare workers have held firm wearing masks out in public, and the general public have continued to obey government advice to wear masks in public when social distancing is not possible. however, with the latest string of American police killings, I've been reading how some people are trying to shame and discredit the protests, and protesters by saying in 2 weeks a covid spike will occur as a result of "irresponsible people" not social distancing and outside protesting, despite wearing
  5. surprisingly easy i have a 6D and recently needed to clean the sensor. it was a choice of either sending it in to canon, or DYI. looked at a few youtube videos and read 1-2 reviews. basically they recommend vsco swabs and eclipse photo liquid. the vsgo swabs model ddr-23 are full frame sized with microfiber cloth at the swab end, each individually sealed. the eclipse fluid is basically highly purified methanol. you put 1-2 drops of the eclipse fluid on the swab, move the swab at an angle across the sensor, and once more back to the other side.
  6. some parts of nyc have been pretty chaotic the past few days, not talking about the largely peaceful daytime protests, but nighttime... when the criminal elements come out and use the peaceful protests as cover to loot and destroy. and the looting, while confined to "high street" neighborhoods has been very well organized (communications using social media, use of getaway rental scooters, stolen cars to transport merchandise) . however, tonight people got bolder, and the looting has spread out. a few cops were intentionally attacked by looters, and citizen media video surfaced of one who w
  7. it has less to do with public space which you are legally entitled to photograph, and more to do with ethics and how you conduct yourself and how you are perceived by the "actors" in the drama. you do have to push and assert yourself, but you also have to know when to be more diplomatic. i don't know what your particular situation was, but just go with the flow, photograph, and if confronted, move to a different position and continue. i've been to protests (primarily to video document) and you have to try and get a feel of what the mood is like. there's a lot of emotion going on
  8. does your external ssd look like one of these 2.5" things? all you need is one of these cables (usb 3 to sata) to run it off your laptop. i use the startech brand
  9. it's not the number of images that will sell images, it's the type of content that will sell images matched to the buyers that buy them. the photo buyers are different and also more selective here.
  10. worse thing is that a lot of times those images on the scrapper sites get higher placement in a google search than the original article with the legitimate license.
  11. usually when you ask people for permission, there are three answers. yes, no, and why? why is typically the worse answer because it can turn into 20 questions. if you have an assignment, or reason to be there, it can be easier to have some phone number of some photo editor which they will call up. that being said shooting in nyc is a pain in the a... because of the people who just randomly come up to you and ask what you are doing, or like a few weeks ago, some random passerby on the street walked by and randomly told me that i needed permission to photograph in a public place. i'm thinki
  12. alamy also allows "buyers" to download full size images to use that doesn't really match the price. also they rely on an honor system of buyers and distributors reporting usage after they download images, sometimes they don't and it becomes your job to find where your images have been used and sometimes have to chase them. there are a lot of unwatermarked images on this blog site or whatever you want to call it. https://rumahmigran.com/2019/12/05/punya-sepeda-brompton-terbaru-explore-edition-sahabat-migran-siapkah-bertualang/ alamy declines to chase after them because it's not located i
  13. no problems here, major american bank, deposited on the 6th. if you bank with a smaller bank, it's possible your funds transfer gets routed through multiple banks, i.e., intermediary banks before it gets to your bank. however, 19 days is a pretty long time and something might be wrong. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/062515/what-difference-between-correspondent-bank-and-intermediary-bank.asp
  14. what happens when you connect your camera to your computer?
  15. Not so much back in April when stay-at-home recommendations were issued in New York (we don't have a "lockdown" so people are free to do what they wish). There was a tense mood of the City with panicked unprepared people rushing supermarkets; and with all the anti-Asian violence and racism around the world, especially rampant in the USA, and I particular, in nyc I didn't feel that safe walking around. I did take my camera around when grocery shopping. Later as things calmed down a bit, I went out more. A few weeks ago I basically decided I better take advantage of this situation
  16. always a business strategy to keep growing. See the new two-page Alamy ad in Creative Light, pp. 68-69 https://issuu.com/julieoswin/docs/issue36
  17. Chicago History winter 2019 https://issuu.com/chicagohistorymuseum/docs/2019_chgo_hist_winter_final p28 Everett Collection Historical Image ID: DD737D World War 1. Spanish Influenza in American Army hospitals. Masks and cubicles were used at Fort Porter p31 Vintage_Space Image ID: 2A3KMDH An epidemic of "Spanish Flu" spread around the world. p32 Science History Images Image ID: G15CTW Patients being treated at an Army ward in Kansas during the Influenza Epidemic of 1918.
  18. when your image is sold by alamy, all that camera exif is stripped and replaced by: author, credit line, headline (the caption), the image id, date of photo (the date that's listed on the info page for that), and invoicing info
  19. i'm looking at the keywords of your latest photos, coronavirus related, and i noticed your bangladesh photos have the following keywords: china, wuhan, attack. then i did a general alamy search for "coronavirus china" plus country, e.g., coronavirus china russia, coronavirus china india, coronavirus bangladesh, coronavirus china usa.... to see who else are using "China" as an opportunistic keyword, and only another bangladesh alamy contributor is doing this. to put it nicely, i think maybe you have too many irrelevant keywords in your photos.. looked at y
  20. 11 sales $350 mostly "editorial". last month 17 sales $350 mostly "PU". Below average prices. CTR went from its highest in January down to its lowest...
  21. Anybody seeing a downturn in coronavirus searches in alamy measures, news fatigue? An often neglected part of the "big picture" seems to be the fragile supply chain. The most glaring initially was the lack of hand sanitizer. Now we are seeing shortages of other stuff like flour/yeast, and how people cope with it, e.g. stores and bakeries portioning flour from large bags into smaller bags for sale. In the USA there's news stories of the scarcity and price rise of supermarket frozen potatoes while farmers are considering plowing hundreds of thousands of tons of potatoes in the fields
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