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  1. If you want to know more about David, check this out: https://www.ffoton.wales/interviews/2016/1/david-hurn-1 there is a part 2 there as well. There is more about working welsh photographers including RedSnapper, also check out Roger Tileys industrial pics of Miners on his site, superb. Adrian
  2. In my experience both as a photographer and as a competitor paying motor sport photography is very hard to get into. The specialist press is oversubscribed with specialist photographers. The non specialist press has a very limited use and obtaining the correct passes that are all but essential to get the money shots are all but impossible to obtain.
  3. Look out for a used Imacon 35mm and 120. More expensive than the others but worth every penny.
  4. I have just emailed the news editor of a leading railway magazine with this story. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  5. Any comment from Alamy perhaps to justify such a low figure.I am just starting out but this is just discouraging.
  6. Hi everybody, I am about to submit my first four submissions for approval, they look OK technically.Three of the images have people in them with no model release and the fourth is of the Hungarian parliament shot at dusk. My question is: do the initial submissions have to be totally bland ie suitable for commercial micro stock type or can they reflect the sort of editorial work that I wish to submit? Thanks Adrian
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