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  1. Having installed macOS High Sierra version 10.13. 2 on my imac, Nikon ViewNX-i version 1.2.10 continuously crashes. I have been in touch with Both Apple and Nikon to solve the problem but the fault still remains, works fine running Lightroom 6.8. Using the same OS on a new Macbook Pro with no problem at all. May be the next up-dated version of ViewNX-i will stop it crashing.

  2. Just had this back from Alamy regarding my query in copying key words using the new AIM system.


    You can make tags common from old submissions. If you CTRL click and double click the left hand mouse button, the 2 (or more) submissions in the left pane that have the images where you want to make tags common, all images from those submissions will come up in your main image window, and then you can select the images and click the tags to make them common.


    many thanks Alamy support.

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  3. Quite pleased with 2016. A 67% increase in sales compared with 2015 and a corresponding increase of 22.5% in revenue which considering the competitive nature of this business its not all that bad. Some quite good sales, for example $214 from the National Trust, book front cover " Hardwick Hall - A Great Old Castle of Romance" which included the book launch a meal. An excellent start to 2017, 3 sales this week alone.

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