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  1. Yes, they are bat boxes. Most boxes would have one entrance but these have two, with the two different lengths of vertical pieces for wood enabling the bats to enter the seperate roosts. Paint or preserviatives are never used. Alan
  2. The problem with plastic waste and the possible levy on plastic bottles and cans.
  3. Local Tory M.P. in the national news again all for the wrong reasons.
  4. An average sales figure this month so far, 3 sales for a total of $239. Alan
  5. I had noticed this images was licenced several months ago in a travel book but had not appeared in my sales account. Sent a email to Alamy on Monday. They have chased it up and it appeared in my account this morning. Well done Alamy Alan
  6. Must have something to do with the East Coast Main Line and the Virgin/stagecoach franchise.
  7. A few days in Durham on holiday and I can across this protest. So always have a camera, always be prepared and always have a different angle. Alan
  8. Congratulations And celebrationsWhen I tell everyone that you're in love. Sorry Flutterwithtrees I got carried away with Cliff Richard. Well done and never give up. Alan
  9. Four very similar images to this one promoting a drinks bottle dropped into my account yesterday.
  10. a. 9174 b. at the moment 9 for last month and still counting. c. last year from $6 to $360 d. all RM e. mostly. Very impressed by your first 3 images especially the New York night snowy photo. With more of this quality of work and your range of keywording/tagging you will be o.k. Alan
  11. PoeyYT, six excellent image. I like the image of the monk, well compose and a good use of a flash to illuminate the main image and the eyes at the top of the temple wow. One thing missing is the number of keywords only four show up for the monk. If you click on the blue six and view the monk you shall see similar stock images with far more keywords. More keywords or tagging will lead to more sales. All the best. Alan
  12. Several liences of this image used in national papers of a U.K. conservative M.P. making derogative remarks on social media about the unemployed and public sector workers.
  13. Just had this sale, 'Serbia Flat rate per image. Bulk discount'. I have several of these sales just recently either from Serbia or Slovenia and at a very low price, between $3 and $6. I suppose you can't complain, a sale is a sale but what is a Bulk discount sale? Normally a lience is given to use an image in a news paper article, web site, magazine etc. but why would a large number of liences be sold like this. Are they setting up their own image library? Before emailing Alamy have you had any experence or answers on this subject.
  14. Hello Ed, I use a iMac 27 a 2015 model and using High Sierra version 10.13.2 and Lightroom 6.8 with no trouble at all the same on a 2017 macbook pro. The only troube I have is using Nikon view on the Imac which keeps crashing but run fine on the Macbook pro. Unsure about the Nik software. Hope this is some help. alan
  15. Spent a week in Scotland trying to photograph a live Pine Marten a few years ago with no joy only this one. Remains of European Pine Marten after a road kill . But on a serious note, many years ago I saw two lads trying to attract a mute swan at the side of a pond in a disused quarry but they where too far away to take an image of them. It was only shortly later as I approached the swan that I noticed that the swan was laying dead in a pool of blood with a gun shot to its head for an air pistol and the two lads long gone. In those days I was using a Canon G6 and the images would not pass to-days Q.C. Reported the incident to the police but could not identify the culprits. If only. Alan
  16. My three for this months competition. Vietnamese musician playing traditional music One man Band The Shropshire Bedlams and Martha Rhoden's Tuppenny Dish
  17. Good question Alex. If you get an answer let me know. It may depend on the customers request and their demands. If its urgent, requiring immediate action then Alamy live news may be the answer or if not then the normal route of uploading and going through Q.C. but tagged correctly in direct response to the tweet. Your best bet is to email Alamy they are very good in answering these sorts of questions. Alan
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