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  1. My three for this months competition. Vietnamese musician playing traditional music One man Band The Shropshire Bedlams and Martha Rhoden's Tuppenny Dish
  2. Good question Alex. If you get an answer let me know. It may depend on the customers request and their demands. If its urgent, requiring immediate action then Alamy live news may be the answer or if not then the normal route of uploading and going through Q.C. but tagged correctly in direct response to the tweet. Your best bet is to email Alamy they are very good in answering these sorts of questions. Alan
  3. Quite happy with this year. A slight reduction in sales of 6.7% but a big increase in revenue of 26%. A combination of Alamy Live News, travel and general editorial. Alan
  4. Just had my images pass Q.C. in 19hrs. They must be on a Christmas bonus. Better get cracking on and get keyworded for santa. Well done Alamy Q.C. Alan
  5. For travel it is always a 24mm-70mm f2.8 and 70mm-200 f2.8, (and for Live news) and at time a 16mm fisheye. Nature and wildlife 300mm f2.8 and I know the weight can be limiting the blistering image quality of the 600mm f4. Mounted either on a D3s or D5. Alan
  6. Its always bright and sunny in Mansfield Woodus. Must be my sunny outlook or my frame of mind. Anyway one week to go, have a nice Christmas. Alan
  7. Two footed climber Silver Birch at Sunrise Natural Vapour Trail
  8. My tasty images for December. Tapas Meal Freshly made Very British Alan.
  9. Not far from you Tony I'am on the Notts/Derby border. Your 3 landscapes images are very good. If this is your standard of work then we could learn alot from you. All the best. Alan
  10. Becca, You seem to be doing the correct procedure. I'am quite sure that 8,800KB is the same as 8.8MB which is more that enough. I sometimes get that message "upload error" in Red. What I would suggest to do is either try again say tomorrow or if you have no joy sent a email to Alamy. They are very very good in dealing with these matter. Alan
  11. Having installed macOS High Sierra version 10.13. 2 on my imac, Nikon ViewNX-i version 1.2.10 continuously crashes. I have been in touch with Both Apple and Nikon to solve the problem but the fault still remains, works fine running Lightroom 6.8. Using the same OS on a new Macbook Pro with no problem at all. May be the next up-dated version of ViewNX-i will stop it crashing.
  12. Just uploaded 23 images. No problems this morning. I had major problems uploading yesterday. Would have been very annoyed if these where for Live News Feed. Alan
  13. Yes, I had several images in the queue from yesterday but added one additional at 5pm today and all passed at about 7pm. Still good. Alan
  14. Just had the quickest ever Q.C. 2hrs. Brillant, fantastic, excellent. Well done Alamy Q.C. team. Alan
  15. What a momentous night. Just arrived back at 5.00 this morning having covered the Vote count in Mansfield, Notts. Thanks Alamy Live News in providing the support through the night. Well done the Alamy team. Alan
  16. A good month. $493.40 in total with one sale of $345.82. Alan
  17. Don't worry Siar if it shows on Alamy sales you will get paid. Very clean and sharpe images and very surprised you have your first sale with only three images and very little keyboarding. That may be the secret, the fewer the better. Alan
  18. Nick, have a read on the article by Ken Rockwell "kenrockwell.com" about the difference between sRGB and Adobe RGB. Some good reading and in-depth research given. Alan
  19. What about doing a search for a similar image then from the image date you should be able to pin down the submission date to find the image. I know its a bit long winded and not a quick as the old method but it works.
  20. Just had this back from Alamy regarding my query in copying key words using the new AIM system. You can make tags common from old submissions. If you CTRL click and double click the left hand mouse button, the 2 (or more) submissions in the left pane that have the images where you want to make tags common, all images from those submissions will come up in your main image window, and then you can select the images and click the tags to make them common. many thanks Alamy support.
  21. Just received the new M.I. Looks o.k. but is it possible to copy tags and super tags from previous images already on sale to newly up loaded images with similar contents?
  22. Quite pleased with 2016. A 67% increase in sales compared with 2015 and a corresponding increase of 22.5% in revenue which considering the competitive nature of this business its not all that bad. Some quite good sales, for example $214 from the National Trust, book front cover " Hardwick Hall - A Great Old Castle of Romance" which included the book launch a meal. An excellent start to 2017, 3 sales this week alone.
  23. Hello Nick, May be more than what you need but I run quite happy with a 27in iMac late 2013 at 3.5Ghz with a i7 processor, 16 GB memory, Nvidia Geforce GTX775 and 1.12T.B. fusion drive. Lightroom 6 and nikon VeiwNX-i. Copes very well with the files from the nikon D5. Hope you find this useful. Alan
  24. Average month with 3 sales, one at $50 and a front book cover for $214. Alan
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