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  1. gvallee, I first encountered this bird at nine when crossing a field in Warnambool, Victoria. For the first few times all I heard was a whooshing noise and on the third time saw the bird diving at me:o. Very, very frightened at that tender age. No the forth attack I shouted and waved my arms. It never came back and I lived to tell the tale. In England they are very shy birds.


    Alan ( ex five pound pom )



  2. Well done Dave in passing the 1000 miles stone, sorry image stone. I'am just a tad under 10,000 since starting back in 2008. Should pass that soon what with a trip too Malta and the Lake District and of cause the anual political party conferences in September. Crack on with the next 1000.





    Paulette, this should be a enjoyable challenge.


    Street performer putting on his black makeup, La Rambla, Barcelona.




    Monte Toboggan in a wicker basket, Madeira







    Raven, on its back with laughter.





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