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  1. gvallee, I first encountered this bird at nine when crossing a field in Warnambool, Victoria. For the first few times all I heard was a whooshing noise and on the third time saw the bird diving at me. Very, very frightened at that tender age. No the forth attack I shouted and waved my arms. It never came back and I lived to tell the tale. In England they are very shy birds. Alan ( ex five pound pom )
  2. Its been a great summer for Alamy Live News weather. This image being used twice mounting to approx. $200, and only on the back garden, so no travelling cost involved. Alan
  3. Well done Dave in passing the 1000 miles stone, sorry image stone. I'am just a tad under 10,000 since starting back in 2008. Should pass that soon what with a trip too Malta and the Lake District and of cause the anual political party conferences in September. Crack on with the next 1000. Alan
  4. Yes, I have sold sport images through Alamy and this image of Mark Cavendish and Geraint Thomas on the start of the 4th stage of the Tour of Britain last year was uploaded as a Live news image and used. Alan
  5. In a few hours, a new dawn comes and Nikon will reveal their mirrorless camera. Just bring it on . Alan
  6. Well done Regis. With my one vote at least someone loves me and it was not me. Alan
  7. Many thanks. All I need are votes
  8. Ed, just told him one of my jokes. Alan
  9. A few days city break in Durham, England. Came across this demo. This is a series of images sold from this march. Just to show you always have your camera ready. Alan.
  10. Wood pigeon picking up grain withs its beak from the top of a wooden post. U.K. magazine. Alan
  11. Hoverfly having a meal. Just back from a weeks holiday walking in the Italian alps. Tired but rearing to go on the images, selection, removing, post processing ,uploading, keywording, etc.etc.etc. Alan
  12. And again, another poor crop to pick this year. Alan
  13. Paulette, this should be a enjoyable challenge. Street performer putting on his black makeup, La Rambla, Barcelona. Monte Toboggan in a wicker basket, Madeira Raven, on its back with laughter. Alan
  14. Great mates, just playing around. Alan
  15. I think I've cracked it. What about a wood working lathe or router for chair legs. Alan
  16. The first two images appear to be a row of electrodes, possibly for spot welding sheets of metal. May be the electrical connections on the back of each electrode have been removed. Alan
  17. UK weather. "Its Spring and the grass needs cutting". Used twice for $198 and again in my back garden. So there is no reason to travel far to get saleable images. Alan
  18. UK weather. Page 4 in The Times, page 2 in the daily Express and front page in the ??? Lets wait and see. In my back garden. Alan
  19. I know its summer in England and we are expecting 30 degrees over the next few days, I just reminder the you of the winter snap we had in the spring. So if you are feeling hot and bothered this may help. Keep cool. Alan
  20. Another images in the series of impressionism. A field of wild poppies. Alan
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