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  1. A portriat of Jeremy Corbyn leader of the British Labour Party. The lighting from a side window increasing the texture and depth in the face, just the classic hollywood portriat i.e. from "left to right' , light to dark to light and then dark. The reflection in the table top also helps the overall compostion of the image.





  2. Micheal, we all make mistakes, the heat of the moment or a sudden reaction to events like the image below, but the movment in this politicians arms increase the drama of the image 1\125s at f11.




    The two images below have been deliberately shot out of focus in a series of images I have done to show how photography can interpet the great French impressionist.








    So Micheal, blur, on out focus, etc, its the final image that counts and the customer, but remember each image is an evolution of your last.


    All the best




  3. Dave , I have the same problem with family holidays, local walks or visits. You could end up just snatching images then moving on, not the best way because of the time constraints. I like to spend some time studying the subject and taking images from different angles or waiting for that right moment. Try to be free and that is when the best images are produced. 

    All the best.


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