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  1. Great news. Arrived this morning. A tad less than last year, but it all helps to keep the wolves at bay.
  2. Several sales dropped into my basket this morning. This one of Sir Mo Farah winning the Great North Run for the sixth time used twice. Alan.
  3. Apple have just released macOS Catalina, a 64bit operating system which replaces the macOS High Sierra 32bit operating system. Before you install this new OS please read the articule below as many of the 32 bit apps. will not be supported which may include Photoshop and Ligthroom. https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/12/20908567/apple-macos-catalina-breaking-apps-32-bit-support-how-to-prepare-avoid-update
  4. Two more dropped into my sales basket. Large brass container used to place incense for a high $$ 😁 and Owen Jones, columnist for The Guardian a UK newspaper for a low $ ☹️.
  5. Thomas Zoltan Newton Dunn is an English political journalist for the Sun newspaper and not a M.P. Alan
  6. Sorry for this intrusion, but this is one of my July uploads and not September so I apologise, but i think it is appropiate with the world wide protests today on climate change. Nero, “fiddled while Rome burned. Alan
  7. These two dropped in this morning, both for a low $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Utilizzo in presentazione/conferenza (ad es. Powerpoint e Keynote) o in una newsletter editoriale.Start: 19 September 2019End: 19 September 2024
  8. Sir Mo Farah wins the Great North Run today, a 13.1 mile half marathon from Newcastle to South Shields in England in a time of 59 minutes, 6 seconds for the 6th time in a row. Alamy Live News
  9. Many thanks for including one of my images. A tough call. By the way I have just voted.
  10. Good one for this month. Here are my three, all snowy images. Mmm! hot chocolate. Its Spring and the grass needs cutting. Dig me out.
  11. Beadnell beach, Northumberland, England. Miles of beautiful unspoiled coastline.
  12. Seismic geophones and recording units at the side of a arable field for future Fracking in the East Midlands, England for mid.$$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, Editorial - websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years.Media: Editorial website
  13. Apple blossom in full flower with bumble bee collecting pollen, Mid $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Ad and designMarketing Package Use. Digital marketing communications only. Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the license.Industry sector: General business servicesStart: 01 August 2019End: 01 August 2029
  14. This image of a N.T. property, Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, was taken from a public path an was used on the front cover of a very informative book about Hardwick Hall. Not only I was paid $$$ amount but I also attended the book launch with lunch at the property. The publishers being the National Trust. Double standards in play.
  15. This one dropped in this morning. Worldwide, editorial, t.v. use for mid. $$. This makes it 14 sales for $490. Like the swans I'am still in love with Alamy😍
  16. Both images used this week of David Prescott, the son of John Prescott (deputy Prime Minister under the Tony Blair Labour goverment)
  17. Heavy traffic outside the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain. Price paid a low $$ but using a great fun lens the 16mm fisheye lens. Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in an editorial newsletter.
  18. Stokie, just uploaded 220 images using the normal route ie Alamy web site. Took about 1/2 hour with no trouble at all. Alan
  19. Plastic bottle pollution on a river bank. Used twice but only for a small amount.
  20. large coal stocks and loading crane at Kagoshima docks in Japan taken from a cruise ship used in a Dutch book/ebook for Mid $$.
  21. Eas Chia-aig is a waterfall on the Abhainn Chia-aig, in the Highlands of Scotland for typical p.u. price.
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