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  1. I have covered several live news events, even last weekend where you would find ourself working side by side and competing with a P.A. photographer. Could this change in the future in which P.A. would arrange for an Alamy shooter to cover the live news events. The P.A. photographer I was talking to at the weekend, uploads his images live via a transmitter/dongle to the news desk, the images would assume be edited, captioned and headlines and binged out to potential customers. Now this would be good if Alamy adopts this system. 

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  2. Covered a Live news even't in Nottingham yesterday, labour Party leadership/Deputy leadership hustings. Uploaded several images with Captions/Headlines during the first part and just before I went off shooting again I recieved a call from Alamy Live News desk saying that by placing a full stop after the 8th., (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK. 8th. February, 2020.) it was causing an error in how the image/metadata would be sent out to potential customers. There was no problem because their had removed the . with the images I had uploaded and just to inform me to remove the . for future uploads. What a great service and help Alamy Live News staff do offer. 😊



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