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    The new Azuma trains operating on the East Coast Mainline, England.

     What I like is how the 600mm compresses the whole length of the train into the image and how the light and shadow is best used to hi-lights the front of the train as it rushing towards you at near 130 m.p.h.





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  2. This is what I wanted to see, some powerful images of women in our society, for better or for worse and you have let me down. Some great images for this months challenge. Many thanks for all those who entered. It as been very difficult to pick the 12 finalist shown below from the 53 images entered. 


    You have until Midday on the 30th April 2019.





    1) Colin Woods CTWATH Freedom



    2) Michael Ventura AA8YKX A Woman Firefighter



    3) John Mitchell DTHNH2 Young Homeless woman with her dog




    4) Sally T2719A A woman getting tattoos



    5) Eden HJ0FHC Anti Trump rally



    6) TeeCee BT4AYF OAP ambassador Joan Bakewell



    7) MizBrown HRHH9K Deaf Nicaraguan girl




     losdemas E5YX45 Young woman with an opinion



    9) Avpics M5RAXC When I grow up



    10) NYCat HJPCNJ Maasai woman with water barrel


    11) vpics EWBR8Y Soldiers



    12) andremichel J6C154 A Lifeguard at Bondi


  3.  Matt and Bill,


    All you need to do is to observe the subject, look for a pattern in their behaviour and to anticipate their next move. Look for a flight pattern of the bee and where it may hover before landing on the flower. With a bit of practice you can do it. I only spent about 1/2 Hr on this image and the one below. Nikon D850 / D5 with 105mm 2.8f macro lens set on auto focus which locks onto the bee quite quick. The only problem is the narrow depth of field shooting with this lens, you are only talking of a few mm., leading to parts of the bee being  in focus others not. If the eyes are sharp you are nearly there.


    All the best. Alan




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  4. Many thanks for all those who voted for my image and to those who participated in the March Challenge. It was a close run event and I was biting my hoofs, sorry nails up until the finishing line. 


    Women's Role in Todays Society:- Its been over 100 years since women have been able to vote here in the U.K. and in that time they have faced many challengers even today things are still not equal. More needs to be done not only here but in other parts of the world to improve the life opportunities of women. So, lets see some powerful images of women in our society, for better or for worse. Normal rules - each contender can provide up to 3 images, all to be from Alamy. I shall be away at the end of this month so the closing date for entries will be Midnight on Tuesday 23th and all votes in by the 30th. Examples of my take on this theme are shown below. 


























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