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  1. UK weather Alamy Live News. Large dog running through a field of Daffodils in a local park for $194.
  2. The church at Sainte-Mère-Église, Normandy, with the dummy of the American paratrooper John Steele hanging from the church spire.
  3. Book sale 55$ first for today. Up in the Yorkshire Dales for this week covering the Tour de Yorkshire and may be some UK weather live news images. Could be some nice sunrise and sunsets if the sunny weather holds out. Alan
  4. May be the last one for April, Owen Jones campaigning on the doorstep. In the Sun paper.
  5. Very popular image used when we have winter snow showing poor loft insulation.
  6. "Man in the Moon" christmas decoration. A good month so far and still a few days left.
  7. That's great kevin, and my 7 are on sale now, Boom, rock on Tommy.
  8. Just had seven images pass Q.C. in 1.5 hrs. A truly remarkable event that deserves a gold medal for Alamy. Alan
  9. Ed My iMac 27in is still going strong after 4 yrs so ther is still plenty of life in it. For travel I take along 13in Macbook Pro, very fast and portable, and after a short while you soon get use to the size of the screen. All the processing is done in Lightroom just like working on the iMac and if there is a good wifi I up load them to Alamy, if not then I use my iphone as a mobile wifi. Go for it Ed. Alan
  10. UK Weather, Alamy Live News in The Times paper "Its Spring and the grass needs cutting".
  11. Yes, they are bat boxes. Most boxes would have one entrance but these have two, with the two different lengths of vertical pieces for wood enabling the bats to enter the seperate roosts. Paint or preserviatives are never used. Alan
  12. The problem with plastic waste and the possible levy on plastic bottles and cans.
  13. Local Tory M.P. in the national news again all for the wrong reasons.
  14. An average sales figure this month so far, 3 sales for a total of $239. Alan
  15. I had noticed this images was licenced several months ago in a travel book but had not appeared in my sales account. Sent a email to Alamy on Monday. They have chased it up and it appeared in my account this morning. Well done Alamy Alan
  16. Must have something to do with the East Coast Main Line and the Virgin/stagecoach franchise.
  17. A few days in Durham on holiday and I can across this protest. So always have a camera, always be prepared and always have a different angle. Alan
  18. Congratulations And celebrationsWhen I tell everyone that you're in love. Sorry Flutterwithtrees I got carried away with Cliff Richard. Well done and never give up. Alan
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