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  1. I said that Alamy would crack the case of the missing link. Keep the faith. Alan
  2. Thanks Bill. I did not realize that this image would have such an emotional and profound effect. Taken with a 600mm f4 at f4 to give this narrow D.O.F. Overcast autumn day in Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire and great words from Wordsworth to enhance the meaning of the image. Alan
  3. It seems a great idea, but it does not work. I'am sure Alamy are on the case. Alan
  4. I wandered like a cloud through an avenue of Lime with a fall of yellow confetti on an English autumn day. Just a northern lad trying to be a poet like Wordsworth. Alan
  5. Badger chewing on a piece of straw. I've been observing several badger in my area over the last couple of years and most of the setts are in wooden locations and when the Badgers leave their setts just before sunset the lighting would get very low resulting in poor images. In this Badger sett however one of the entrances came out at the side of a field in which the local farmer had cut a swathe of land exposing this entrance. Now like in the the classic war film "The Great Escape" where the tunnel exit was too short and the prisoners being exposed for several metres until they reached the tree line, this being the same of these badgers, but instead of running for cover this one would start foraging for food in the strip of land resulting in some great images. Alan
  6. ee by gum what a catch, sorry I was close to the Yorkshire border. Black Header Gull catching a earth worm in flight. Alan
  7. Window cleaner wanted. Hong Kong Mighty parliament, fragile human. Valletta, Malta Postcard from Naples. Naples, Italy
  8. I have never subscribed to Cameracraft but i know the editor David Kilpatrick off and on for near on 40 years went he edited Minolta's members magazine back in the 70's. All that i learned from David back then i put in good use even today. So it should be a excellent magazine to buy. Alan
  9. Using Lightroom 6.8, the stand alone version with the latest MacOS ie, Mojave with no problems. Try it. Alan
  10. Ee by gum, 7 sales at $180 . Fish and Chips tomorrow and a pint to celebrate .
  11. Taken yesterday, uploaded this morning and passed Q.C. this afternoon. Like the image, Alamy must be quite beesy in achieving this quick turn around. Honey bee with pollen sac in flight towards an ivy flower to collect nectar and with shadow.
  12. A good example of converging lines and framing to focus your eyes on the distant figure. Alan
  13. Like you Betty, 3 sales for me this morning. I'am on a roll, I hope. Alan
  14. Liverpool's one man band. Just putting on my makeup. Great safety jacket for this type of work.
  15. I must be doing something wrong, I'am still alive. Never mind I've still time to take more great images. Alan
  16. A portriat of Jeremy Corbyn leader of the British Labour Party. The lighting from a side window increasing the texture and depth in the face, just the classic hollywood portriat i.e. from "left to right' , light to dark to light and then dark. The reflection in the table top also helps the overall compostion of the image. Aaln
  17. Micheal, we all make mistakes, the heat of the moment or a sudden reaction to events like the image below, but the movment in this politicians arms increase the drama of the image 1\125s at f11. The two images below have been deliberately shot out of focus in a series of images I have done to show how photography can interpet the great French impressionist. So Micheal, blur, on out focus, etc, its the final image that counts and the customer, but remember each image is an evolution of your last. All the best Alan
  18. Just dropped into my account this morning, up by 77% from last year. This relates to the increase in sales so far this year. Alan
  19. Where young lovers meet, the Triton Fountains, Valletta, Malta. Alan
  20. Canada geese crossing a frozen lake using a nikon D2X taken a few years ago. Now using a D5 in which the quality of the images are light years ahead the images from the D2X are still selling well.
  21. Bingo, it works. Thanks gvallee, spacecadet and John, have a drink on me. No.97 Sir Antony Gormley cast iron figure on Crosby beach, Liverpool. The other bulge is not his left hand. Alan
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