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  1. Hi i strongly suggest you review your captions and keywords. Every image needs to be captioned and keyworded accurately so it can be found by potential customers.
  2. Banknotes picture editing with Lightroom is working flawlessly, also for banknotes with the EURion constellation. In the example below the EURion constellation is hidden in the group of green rings on white background, next to the big 50.
  3. Since you asked for it: I indeed think you are wasting your time. 1. consider everything everyone else in this thread said already 2. This is a stock photography site. Alamy accepts also vectors and maybe also bitmaps like yours, but focus is really on photography. If you don't have any photos, you'll probably not be very successful here. 3. I'm not sure if you realized how many images you need to generate any income. A couple are just not enough. We're usually speaking about 1 sale per month per 1000 images, although some contributors here, me included, do better than that. 4. I never
  4. I just had a look at the first picture and it indeed has very strong compression artifacts. They are not there because Alamy requests jpegs, but because you compressed the jpegs too much. Switch to a higher quality level and they will be fine. I usually usually generate jpegs in quality level 11 (of 12) in Photoshop or 90 (of 100) in Lightroom. Excessive similars means that there were too many images in the submitted batch which are almost identical. I don't understand how this can happen if you only submit three images. Just guessing, but maybe Alamy also wants to see some real pictures i
  5. 80,000 pictures are submitted to Alamy daily. A day has 86,400 seconds. Calculate for yourself how long a picture would stay close to the top of such a "recently posted" tab....
  6. If you don't want to kill it, then get a good non-lethal mouse trap which just catches it without harm, so you can release it afterwards. Sticky pads are indeed cruel as the mouse suffers since the more it moves to free itself, the more it gets trapped.
  7. And the payout is a meager 20% of the gross rate, despite the photos being available just next to our regular photos at Alamy - where we get 50%
  8. Searching for alcudia bay alcanada one of your images showed up for me...
  9. As it has been explained to you already by Jill and others, you as supplier are responsible for delivering 100% quality. In your example, you are the greengrocer, not Alamy. Alamy is your customer, expecting no bad apples at all. And if they find the first bad apple, they return the whole box to you so that you can check if there's more bad ones.
  10. How did you get His Majesty to sign the release form? It was an editorial sale of an RM license. I don't have a signed release of His Majesty, who is not only the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, but also Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister of Finance, and Supreme Commander of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (and probably also captain of the polo team). Do you know what search term was used? Not really. The location was Cirencester Park, and the picture showed up a few times for this search term, but was never zoomed. I assume the search te
  11. Today I sold a license of a picture of His Majesty, Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien riding his polo pony Chesney. Alamy, if you thought increasing caption length from 128 to 150 characters solves all problems: it doesn't
  12. I also noted that below the OP's avatar it says "Verified" as for everyone else (except if you're "part of the forum furniture"), but then for the OP there's only one black dot, not two like for everyone else. Maybe you now need 5 or 10 or whatever number of posts to be a full forum member.
  13. Unfortunately this is very common nowadays. Pictures often only get attributed to the agency. BTW, are you sure you have the necessary permissions from the copyright holder of Dandy to use his work as your profile picture?
  14. None of your photos should have been automatically changed. "Your license default is set to RF" or "Your license default is set to RM" in the mail just states what you set as default for new images.
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