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  1. POLITYKA (Poland) No. 1 (3092) 1.01-10.01.2017 Found both on-line and in printed version: C1GC7N - Jim West - Auto Workers at Ford Motor Co.'s Michigan Assembly Plant wear red t-shirts in solidarity with public employees in Wisconsin EBX7MK - blickwinkel - common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), looking with the hand thoughtfully at the chin
  2. The magazine "Weranda" (Poland) often uses images from Alamy, mostly related to plants and gardening. For example: In http://www.weranda.pl/ogrody/rosliny/z-mchu-i-paproci B9CNWP - Roger Phillips B51726 - David Chapman BTE59K - shapencolour in http://www.weranda.pl/ogrody/rosliny/ogrod-w-cieniu-jak-malowany B7B15J - John Glover ANXR6M - GardenPhotos.com BMRP89 - Jeff Tucker DBRJFA - Judith Bicking FWCDBE - Mim Friday
  3. POLITYKA (Poland) no. 45 (3084) 2-7.11.2016 - paper edition: EGEFPB - Niday Picture Library, credited as Alamy Stock Photo/BE&W Not quite sure if it is exactly this one, seems like the cartoon was cropped and had text removed, but could not match anything else. POLITYKA (Poland) no. 46 (3085) 8-15.11.2016 - paper edition: DA1EF5 - BSIP SA, credited as Alamy Stock Photo/BE&W E9H2GY - 914 collection, credited as Alamy Stock Photo/BE&W
  4. Congratulations, that's fabulous news! My first sale came after 4 months and a couple of hundred images, and was for a measly $10.68, but it was still a sale and I was thrilled! Hopefully your sale will encourage you to shoot more stock, upload it and achieve more sales! Well done again. Thanks! Indeed, that is the best incentive.
  5. For being 1 year and having 256 images having first sale is good result. Mirco Oh, yes - I've noticed that already! Borys
  6. Perhaps now so impressive, but still a positive result for me: after being an Alamy member for 1 year + 1 month (and starting to lose hope), I've got my first sale! $20 is not much, but still better than $0 :-)
  7. In the latest issue of POLITYKA (Poland) no. 38, 13.09.2016: FNWPN3 - Gualtiero Boffi - red cross drone 3d image. Used both in paper and on-line edition: http://www.polityka.pl/tygodnikpolityka/nauka/1675104,1,bezzalogowce-beda-ratowac-zycie.read
  8. Latest issue of POLITYKA (Poland) no. 37, 06.09.2016: C5C692 by Robert Matton, in the paper version credited as "Alamy/BE&W" Also used in the on-line version: http://www.polityka.pl/tygodnikpolityka/spoleczenstwo/1674396,1,chciala-dziecka-wiec-je-porwala.read
  9. POLITYKA (Poland, paper version) no. 36 (31.08-6.09.2016) found these two: FT5BHN by Kurdishstruggle - credited as PAP/ALAMY D1MFRK by Gunter Kirch - credited as "GUNTER KIRSCH/ALAMY STOCK PHOT/BE&W"
  10. Ok, this is going to stick out among all these vivid-coloured pictures ;-) Cheers, Borys
  11. Denise, thanks for the tip - it worked with the avatar! I like that photo with shepherd too. You have a nice set of photos of iguana there - reptiles are my second best class of animals after birds :-) Mirco, I see you're living in Poznań - I like a lot your city! Borys
  12. Hello Alamy contributors! I'm a new member of the community, so few words about me: I am an amateur photographer since childhood and professionally - a scientist. My favourite topics for shooting are birds and nature in general (because my main hobby is birdwatching). Cheers, Borys BTW: I seem to be unable to change my avatar - I upload a jpeg file, but still the default is displayed. Is this feature locked for new users?
  13. Polityka, No. 44 (3033) 29.10-3.11.2015, p92, captioned "Ceremonia z psychodeliczną ayahuaską w ekwadorskiej Amazonii" (in Polish), credited as "PAP/ALAMY" - EKDXFC, Ammit, cropped.
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