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  1. "I've have a quick look at your work and it is stunning. If you withdraw your work I can only say it's Alamy's loss." - Thanks, Jim. I agree - don't want to throw away 15 years work with Alamy, but if I have to I will - but will take time to consider it first.
  2. Hi, I don't suppose it will make any difference but I would like to add my comments to express my disappointment and opposition to the proposed contract changes. I am an Alamy member from the very early days, joining in Feb 2001, and always felt it to be the most photographer friendly and fairest agency - even though the work required to keyword and categorise my images is greater than any other agency. I was disappointed in the past when the photographers share of the revenue was cut from the original 75% or 80% down to 50%, but to now cut it to 40% is a step too far. I believe that it
  3. Great, thanks much appreciated Steve. Oh you may be right - it was licenced in 2016 - Will report it and see if it is the same user / licence. Thanks, Gary
  4. Steve, my image - Kingfisher, page 56, hasn't yet been reported - any chance you could scan & send me a copy of that page? Thanks, Gary Cook
  5. Agreed - I've got 5 star rating as well and it doesn't seem to have affected it (as far as I can tell) - it's more of a technical issue rather than quality as it never reached QC and was rejected on upload.
  6. Were yours exactly 2:1? What size? Mine were 8000 x 4000 pixels so fairly large.
  7. . I've emailed them. Maybe worth trying one or 2 images to see if you have the same problem
  8. Hi, Looks like it might be a bug in the upload software - I've just tried changing the aspect ratio very slightly so they are not exactly 2:1 and they went through okay. Thanks.
  9. Hi Steve, not sure what field of view they are (or how to work it out) but i would guess around 90 - 120 degrees, certainly a lot less than 180 never mind 360. Ratio is 2:1 exactly. Gary
  10. Hi, I'm having problems uploading some panoramic photos that are being automatically detected as 360 degree images and rejected (as 360 images need to be uploaded differently) but they are not 360 images - they are just standard panos, same as I've uploaded on many occasions before without problem. I've emails Alamy but unlikely to get any response soon - anyone got any ideas why these may be seen as 360 images by Alamy and what I need to do to overcome this. I have never created a 360 image and wouldn't know how to .... Thanks, Gary
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