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  1. Good day, Ed Yes, will have to fully view and edit each photo. Thanks!!! License type - Rights managed (default) - Royalty free (recommended) - What role do they play? I always leave - Rights managed (default)
  2. Chuck, good day! Thank you, for assessment! I realized that it is necessary to take time and "comb out" all the pictures and tags) and remove duplicates. Tags apparently play an important role in the search engine. NO SALES) *I noticed how carefully the words are chosen for each picture, that is, a very accurate description of what is happening in the photo is necessary. Thank you!
  3. Ed Rooney. Thank You for Your advice! very Valuable to me!
  4. Gvallee - Most likely, You were liked a colleague at the time, if a woman had said this, she would have expressed it differently. From now, I will translate the text more carefully)
  5. This is why we communicate here, I am only grateful to everyone who can give me useful advice, constructive criticism helps a lot to see my weaknesses. Betty, Thank you!
  6. Thank You, Baron Inchiquin) In any case, while I translate using Yandex translator, I use a broken "crutch") Example of a phrase: End of September - translation - The end of September. I would have written so, but they write - End of September - beautifully. You must learn English)) * "The crutch symbolizes support on the one hand, and lameness and moral shortcomings, old age and poverty on the other. In Christianity, the crutch is the emblem of saints Anthony the Hermit and Romuald." Костыль. Crutch - spike, cane. Support - pillar.
  7. Thank You Steve! well. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to translate your thoughts from Russian to English, it is not possible to convey your thoughts.
  8. Наиля, Молодец для письма на иностранном языке. Вы можете не получить ответы на некоторые из ваших вопросов от других участников форума, потому что часть вашего текста не всегда имеет смысл на английском языке. Имейте в виду, что программы автоматического перевода, включая Google Translate, на самом деле не очень хороши! Стив ps Как бы я ни хотел провести полевой день с французским или немецким языком, общий язык этого форума - английский; если вы хотите написать кому-то на русском языке, вам, вероятно, лучше всего сделать это за пределами форум
  9. Cris, do you have very beautiful flowers, light and sharp, delicate and airy? If You remove them, then there is a demand for floral beauty.
  10. Betty, Thank you for your advice, apparently you need to shoot the most simple and familiar angles of flowers and plants.
  11. Good afternoon, Chuck Inchiguin correctly wrote, I'm from Tatarstan. I'm not quite used to chats, apparently there are several people in the conversation at the same time. Sometimes it is not clear who answers whom. I haven't been in chat rooms for a long time, especially since the Alamy site was closed for participants from Russia for a long time. * Yes I have a cat ) apparently he is not interesting to anyone, except me. Your work is very interesting, reports from Russia! * I'm always in touch, too. Thank you for your answer!
  12. Thank You, Colblimp! very useful advice, thank you !! Is there an Editorial on this site?
  13. Благодарю, Colblimp! very useful advice, thank You!!
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