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  1. It was made up today with a nice print use in the Times paper.
  2. Had 3 sales come in over the last week, all < $3 looks like it's becoming a Trend 😞
  3. I've still an outstanding unauthorised use going back to June that is waiting a response from sales .. chased several times, still waiting.
  4. Hi Ed i switched to Fuji x series last year. Great lenses and cheaper than Nikon’s. whole setup much lighter. Another driving factor was video capability which on the whole is better than dslr. On a whim I got a discounted open box Sony RX 10 III last week with the huge zoom range. I’ve sold 5 news pictures off it already with 2 in print yesterday, auto focus not brilliant but it beats carrying around the huge Sigma I had before and is a lot less conspicuous. In my shoulder camera bag I can now carry Fuji with 2 lenses, Sony rx10 and my DJI mini with a tripod.
  5. Positive Month for me. Had a TV sale of a 3 year old pic show up today, $147. That was from a "news"outing I did. I've got 2 free tickets to a Kaiser Chiefs concert for this week - applied for media passes, and got them. Zooms are up. Alternating my output with video distributors, and another news agency, but still very much going to be submitting to Alamy and working with them on events and "pictures of the day" kind of stuff. Chased an infringement personally ( with Alamy permission ) and got a sale. Not done as much photography as I wanted to this year, but very much looking forwar
  6. ..and I only logged in today to say had a surprisingly good month on sales, that was my first mistake
  7. Rearrange these words .. in lid coffin nail another the has to be a monumental c*ck up, mine has 4 digits in it
  8. I've allways run Windows ( primarily ) Dell desktop + laptop. I have to say the new Mac chip looks pretty good ! Biggest point I want to make is that make sure the video card is properly supported by Adobe, especially when you get into editing 4k videos. Most laptops that I can see, other than the very high end ones, have video cards ( still with 4gb ) that are not fully supported by Adobe, so do some careful research on this one if you want to make the most of the GPU processing power. I just got myself a Dell XPS from the Dell factory store, saved a bit of regular new price, and
  9. Just found an "interesting one". I was doing a reverse image search to see where a recent small sale had been used ( ended up being Daily Mail). Anyway, I then found it on the website of a travel company who had believe originally purchased it. RM Image, paid $37 or so for it, it is of one of their brands / products, but taken in public space, with property released down as "No" . Turns out they've put the image on their Marketing / PR page as a free download, and it's the original full res image ( 6000 x 4000). No attribution to me, no statements on image use of anything, anyone can downloa
  10. 60% of nothing or 50% of something ? As a direct result of the email yesterday, and no one getting in touch with me to confirm my rate despite my contacting them, I uploaded a handful of news / weather pics to other agencies today. I've allready had one use on line in the Sun. It seems fairly simple to me, Alamy can either have 60% of nothing, or 50% of something. Tomorrow I've got another great shooting opportunity which is going to go elsewhere.
  11. I think for us contributors that are primarily use the "news" route this new contract should be of concern to Alamy as well as ourselves. There are plenty of other agencies out there who pay 50% without any stipulations, and who push out images just as well as Alamy Live News does. One does have to ask why PA would keep Alamy Live news going as well as their own News feed, although I bet it's cheaper to source pics from Alamy News than it is to have full time news photographers, and of course they get a diversity of images they wouldn't otherwise get. I've just invest
  12. Having got a small rig cage to mount microphones, etc, , i have noticed, and read elsewhere since, that a couple of annoying features about the XT-4 are :- The screen doesn't angle up, you have to flip it out, then up - and if you have a cage attached then you can't do that properly. The silly rubber flaps on the HDMI port size of things are not that well designed, and get in the way There are apparently some settings that are disabled once you start shooting a video - not got to that bit yet. Other than that, I'm liking the camera a lot. I never had a an XT-
  13. Thanks for pointing that out .. I'm surprised because normally if the captions don't appear they fail straight away. i'll go look now.
  14. Hi - For the time being I got a Godox transmitter Fuji, and a Nikon receiver so I can use off camera flash albeit manually, which is fine. I may well get a Godox Fuji
  15. Like a lot of other people I got tired of lugging heavy DSLR and huge lenses around. I got the XT-3 and a couple of kit lenses ( actually one less than kit, the XC) and was blown away by the quality of pictures from them. I then found a 1/2 price F2.8 zoom lens - new on Ebay, so got that. The X-T30 has it's minor annoyances with being so small, hence the X-T4. I'm hanging onto the Nikon stuff for the time being to use for my storm pictures, not point in getting a brand new camera soaked with salt-water, although i came close to it yesterday 😉
  16. Bit the bullet and bought an X-T4 this week ( open box, good price). Got accepted into the Fuji professional scheme as well. On it's first outing sold a live news pic, so can't complain. Lovely bright viewfinder. I got an X-T30 a bit ago which will become backup / holiday camera now. I'm still tempted with the Sony's though, will be interesting what the replacement for the A7 III will be like and cost, from what I read it sounds ideal - I don't fancy a mega resolution camera, but at 30 ish megapixels I can see that working. Just need to sort out how the video works now, thats going to be
  17. I think Alamy should allow live news from mobile phones through the usual route, rather than suffering a 50% drop in revenue. To recount a story from a couple of year ago. I was standing on a freezing cliffside photographing the sculptures in the sand for Armistice day in Cornwall, when a very well known Getty photographer comes and stands next to me. One of my pics sold to the Telegraph, he had a couple of front pages. I emailed him with congrats, and he got back to me saying the picture that most papers took was off his Iphone - and he had the full range of canon pro gear with him !
  18. You guys put me to shame - I've obviously been very lucky in the past... I did lift some shadows, I often have to - usually shooting straight into the sunrise which I do most mornings,but that didn't apply to this pic. Having said that my pics sell pretty regularly, so something must be ok. Onwards an upwards.
  19. Noise is what they said - although it was shot at ISO 640 on a Fuji XT-30 with their excellent F2.8 lens. That camera doesn't really do noise until well above that, and I can't see any noise. Personally I think the lighting was a bit dodgy, and not all elements were focused as well as they could have been ( and that was the complacent bit, as I could have done better ). I would put the picture up, but they're quite niche and I don't want to give that away. I will re-do when I get chance and when the pug is in the mood 😉
  20. Happy new year all .. I see quite a few threads on increased QC failures, so thought I'd post my latest experience. Most of my submissions are via the Live news upload route, as I mainly do weather, topical pictures etc which bypasses the normal QC mechanism. However I do upload stock from time to time, and need to do more of that for sure. Upto now I've had 5 star rating for several years and to be honest I reckon I became complacent over quality, with virtually instant approval. So, last week I had my first batch sitting in QC for several days, and received my first QC rejec
  21. I used to make my own PCs many many many years ago. From a peace of mind perspective I don';t bother now, I just tell people to get Dell with a 3 year on-site warranty. Not saying they don't crash as well, but I like the idea of 3 years worth of guaranteed hardware cover at least.
  22. Hi Bryan, I spend a significant amount of time supporting 200+ pcs running windows 10, and periodically and randomly this happens. Usually it’s something like a windows update that’s made one bit of hardware crash windows .. buggy device driver. If you want to dig deep it is possible to examine logs which can show what the faulting service and driver is. Don’t get too hung up on event error logs ( other than disk errors) as there are always some errors. I would say 1 - do a backup and check it’s ok. Then update the computer bios .. available from manufacturer if you have a HP, Dell or sim
  23. It will be interesting to see, not that I will 😉 , how much you get paid. One of the issues primarily on the live news side is that I was under the impression that the papers pay PA a flat fee per year, for as many pictures as they can take - which makes it's difficult for us independents when standing next to you is a photographer from PA and one from Getty, as has happened many times in the past for me. PA even send their Bristol photographer down to Cornwall on a regular basis for news / weather pics.
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