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  1. Thanks everyone for your input on this. To update and clarify. I was previously sending them a Word Doc copy of the sales summary - yes, seriously. When in the past I tried downloading sales history, kept getting error page and since the website display of the sales history never showed region (even though selected) or much usage info I didn't see the point in keep trying or contacting Alamy support. Better things to do. I was advised however by DACs two days ago to get this downloadable sales report, saved as a .csv file and from this they could tell which region my Worldwide usage s
  2. I always assumed worldwide usage to include the UK. At least that's how I always presented evidence for book sales for my Payback 2014 claim. DACS however are no longer counting 'Worldwide' or 'Worldwide English Language' as evidence on the summary of sales I present them. Sales must indicate a book was published specifically in the UK. This is fine and rules is rules though confused why now and not previously.
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