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  1. Thanks everyone for your input on this. To update and clarify. I was previously sending them a Word Doc copy of the sales summary - yes, seriously. When in the past I tried downloading sales history, kept getting error page and since the website display of the sales history never showed region (even though selected) or much usage info I didn't see the point in keep trying or contacting Alamy support. Better things to do. I was advised however by DACs two days ago to get this downloadable sales report, saved as a .csv file and from this they could tell which region my Worldwide usage sales applied to. So with 'renewed confidence' I tried again to download the report. Again I kept getting an error page! Six times, leaving a while in between, a new Alamy page would open with the same 'sod off' message. OK, not those precise words but I was frustrated so they may aswell have been! Then eventually the download window popped up. Specific region of use (ie UK) is displayed in the resulting spreadsheet if not on the Alamy website. And all the Worldwide usage items in question on my claim showed UK in the region field. I didn't bother highlighting or deleting anything, just sent them lock and stock. Happy to say my claim for book sales has now been accepted, in fact within five minutes of me sending them this report! So have to give DACS credit for efficiency. In answer to one reply, DACS emailed me asking for further evidence, stating book sales need to show specific UK usage. It was my assumption that this is a new policy since previous book claims were never questioned. So should be easier next year
  2. I always assumed worldwide usage to include the UK. At least that's how I always presented evidence for book sales for my Payback 2014 claim. DACS however are no longer counting 'Worldwide' or 'Worldwide English Language' as evidence on the summary of sales I present them. Sales must indicate a book was published specifically in the UK. This is fine and rules is rules though confused why now and not previously.
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