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  1. Many years ago I got some letters from Alamy stating I was on assigment for them for some events needing it
  2. Good luck. Didnt see you already emailed. Maybe still summer holidays season in Europe 😢
  3. I had some old photos lost that i needed. Sent an email to alamy asking for them and they put them in my shopping cart to download. Might not be a very popular thing to ask but they were quite understanding and helpful
  4. Pretty sure you cant sell a photo for a billboard ad for chlamydia medicine without permission from the person.
  5. Alamy requires model release if its not editorial, dont they? Quite tricky to get that from everyone in a carnival shot
  6. Solution next time is to punch the photographer stealing your frame not claim copyright. Thats been the rule since photojournalism was invented
  7. If I take a photo of the White House from the exact same spot as a photographer did in 1967, am i violating copyright? If I take a photo of Trump 1/500th later than the photographer standing next to me at a presser, am I violating copyright? You are deluded man
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