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  1. Richard, the reply I received was indeed somewhat graceless but I did manage to find a solution after several searches. I must agree with you though - not helpful !
  2. As I don't have the time or inclination to go through over 3000 images and mark them all "exclusive" in order to claw back that last 10%., is there a quick way to bulk mark an entire collection ?
  3. Have just found my first "infringement" payment on my statement - $33 - which is frankly absurd. For a few hours of my PA's time we could have netted at least £500 for that one. I shall be chasing myself in future !
  4. Exactly what I'm so annoyed about. I could have chased these myself and got a result by now !
  5. In December 2015 and January this year, I was contacted by the Alamy Infringement Team regarding several issues of possible infringements To date, I have heard nothing more, and on 15th July they contacted me again offering to chase another infringement, asking if I would like them to chase it for me. If I had pursued the earlier infringements myself I could be many thousands of pounds better off by now, but Alamy have done absolutely nothing for me. Has anyone else got any comments on this ?
  6. Has anyone else with pictures of Esso forecourts, tankers or buildings been contacted by their legal department ? I have just received a threatening letter from them telling me that my (76) images on Alamy are infringing their trademark. The images I believe they are referring to are shots of forecourts and service stations taken from public property and naturally their logo is displayed on the forecourt canopies.
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